Inner Balance

The final "binding" element of these factors is your own inner balance. This too will come as you practise, as you gain confidence in your knowledge of the target areas and in your ability to use the techniques explained above naturally and easily.

Inner balance in effect means a relaxed approach. If you tense up before you throw a punch you will greatly reduce its power as well as detracting from your ability to recover quickly. Tension will rob you of the speed and the "feel" for your opponent and his moves. When you arc relaxed all your potential is ready to explode into action when needed.

You can practise this by using a heavy bag. Stand in an on guard position with your body relaxed and your fists half closed, ready to leap into action without tensing up. If you become aware that your muscles are tightening, concentrate on loosening up. Focus your mind and body on the bag. in your mind's eye picture yourself doing a swift gliding step into the bag and striking out. Then glide in with a punch - close your fist and tense up only when it actually strikes the bag. sharply exhaling as you punch, and then immediately relax again. When your muscles are concentrated on the target and yet relaxed, your punches pack a great deal more power.

• Tense only on the point of impact when your strike connects. Relax immediately after.

• If you tense up. he can more easily conncct with you. Confronting an opponent with this relaxed attitude you can strike him as he moves to hit you. Lack of tension will enable you to throw a punch before he realises you arc moving. As your opponent moves towards you, you will be able to swiftly counter from a relaxed position with a stunning attack.

Inner balancc will increase your speed and instinct. Remember, except for the brief moment your punch connects. tensing up will rob your punch of power. Relaxation will help enable you to harness all the force of your body, the movements of your feel and your body momentum, speed and penetration and turn you into a deadly weapon of precision.

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