Inside The Mind Of A Thug

I found writing this chapter very easy because I just thought back to how I was in my youth. Thugs, bullies and bower boys all want the same thing ... TROUBLE ... but they want it with the minimum amount of hassle. This means that if you firmly but politely stand up to them and give them a way out they might often take it. Standing up docs actually mean just that. After all you'd need to be a real mean SOB to intimidate people when seated!

I was travelling on a bus in Pakistan once when these two guys started hassling me for no reason apart from the fact that I had given them a laser sure becausc their radio was so loud. It was obviously annoying the other passengers and was certainly irritating me becausc I had a hangover. Anyway, after they had turned the radio up they moved over to where I was sitting and began the verbal abuse. Nothing direct at first but the more 1 ignored them the more they carried on. Being the only white man on the bus possibly made me a target but as soon as one of them spoke directly at me I could smell their clutch courage.

Realising that my softly softly approach hadn't worked I stood up to my full five foot seven and a half inches, stared one guy in the facc and said "Don't mess with me wanker or you're gonna get hurt", (or words to that affect)... as menacingly as possible. Then I gave him a straight finger to the sternum which made his lungs echo. (I'll tell you how to do this in the next chaptcr). His friend immediately, and wisely, intervened and my aggressor allowed himself to be dragged off to another pari of the bus. I'm not sure that he turned the radio down but as it was further away there was less aggravation for my head.

The point of this story is never allow diplomacy to be mistaken for weakness. Thugs, bullies and bower boys will take advantage of you. If you do get into hassle with a thug then don't expect a clean fight. Generally they aren't interested in such things and you should not weaken yourself by trying to fight nicely. Remember that on the streets there are no rules.

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