This is when you start to learn some real moves to cope with real action.

This book will continue to build on your "Warrior Mentality" but now is the time to improve your physical training. However don't try to cope with all the techniques in one go. It is better to be master of a few moves than a novice of a lot.

• If you arc weaker then don't try punching until you are able to make a good fist. A palm strike to the side of the head is likely to upset your opponent more than a fumbled fist (see chapter on Palm Strikes). In our form of self defence concepts arc more important than pure technique. This is what I mean when I say that you must learn to fight within your limitations and not against them.

• The secret of winning any fight is hurting your opponent. If you don't stop him then who else will? You must hit him effectively to cause pain and on target to inflict damage while at the same time defending yourself from any counter attack. This is called making your shots count.

• I will now let you into a little secrct which may influence your fighting tactics. American Full Contact Karate (that's where they try to hit each other) bans the use of all joint shots. What does this mean...? It means that any blow-to a joint could pop it. or at least severely twist, distort or do some damage. The joints arc the weak points on the body and should not be forgotten.

• When fighting you must keep your eye on the ball or you will miss something. Most students find the centre of the chest a good point from which to radiate their focus.

• As you master the moves try to execute them with attitude. Otherwise when it comes to the real thing you may scare yourself as a blood curdling kiai emerges from your body. As you punch, shout something, even if it's only ... "AH!" Without a good kiai some instructors might say that you're only going through the motions.

In the rough and tumble of combat remember not to oppose force, only redirect it. As you learn the shedding and parrying techniques keep in mind this concept because you'll benefit in the end. As one sensei used to say to me "Think only of circles... not squares". This means that you must push when pulled and pull when pushed.

If you try to build all these concepts into your training from the start they will bccomc instinct which means instant. When fighting you should try to balance the "he who hesitates is lost" maxim with "fools rush in".

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