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If there is one common factor in the history of every race and every civilization, then I guess it must be violence. The crazy thing is that the more "civilized" we get, the more violent our societies seem to be. Except that we don't always want to call it that, maybe because it offends delicate egos. We dolly up the idea of violence with all kinds of words and excuses, like "deprived childhood", or "misunderstood youth". In fact the lawyers make a mint out of finding new excuses to get thugs and gangsters off the rap with stuff like "temporary insanity", "unaware of the consequences of his action" and such like. None of the pretty talk changes the fact that we live in a very violent world that is getting more violent even as you read this.

I read recently that New York and Johannesburg (South Africa) are the mugging, rape and murder capitals of the world. That means (hat those crimes have just about grown into art styles. What chance then docs the ordinary Joe Citizen have against these professional thugs? In South Africa a woman is raped every 87 seconds! Don't think that this kind of violence is just reserved for the big cities either - it is a modern trend, and getting worse.

The shrinks and other intellectuals give us all kinds of reasons for the increase in violence, but they can offer no solution for it. Every politician knows that the most rapidly growing problem of the present and future is violence and bow to deal with it. I ask again, where does the ordinary fit in with all this? The police can't protect everyone and there isn't enough money to either provide enough security and locks or enough armed guards to protect everything and everyone, never mind to actually go out and combat syndicates, the gangs, or even the petty thugs.

What qualifies me to write this book? In a word - experience! And I'm not referring so much to the many years I've spent in various kwoons and dojos both learning and teaching martial arts - useful though it was. Most of what I will reveal to you in this book is what my experience in real fights has taught me - in particular, which techniques work and, equally important, which techniques don't. This education did not come to me in a dojo (in fact, it cannot be obtained there). It derived from my experience as a bouncer in rather rowdy clubs and bars where I defended myself in dozens of attacks against fists, boots, and on several significant occasions, knives.

In this book I reveal the techniques and altitudes for self-defence that I have seen or have used myself in real fights, not once or twice, but many times. I know that proper training in the applicable techniques, combined with correct combat attitude, can and will make the difference in an actual assault.

So that is the reason for this book. It's for everyone, from the small-framed to the big bruiser, man or woman. It comes from years of experience, of teaching others and is an amalgamation of tactics, moves, strategies and skills from many different techniques, martial arts, defence "schools" and hard-won practical trial and error. I don't pretend to provide every solution or even every correct solution for all the situations you could find yourself in, but I hope to give you a whole new understanding of how you can personally make sure that you can get out of any fix. I'll be trying to give you a global picture and a feel for things rather than try to present a "one plus one equals two" kind of approach, I'm a very practical, down-to-earth type of guy and don't have time for the flowery talk, the fancy steps and magic stuff you find with many "teachers" of the martial aits. 1 will share things with you that work. They work in a real world that is filled with ruthless thugs who are out to get you or what you've got People like that don't play to rules and they don't play fair.

One thing you must understand very clearly. Self defence is deadly serious. Il is not a game. It is not some sport. There are no rules and there is no fair play. No referee will call injury time and no seconds can throw the towel in. It is a question of survival. I will be talking more about martial arts later on and explaining both the good and bad about them, but just remember that they arc "arts". They are not about real fighting in real life situations!

The next thing you have got to understand is that if you think you can develop a "foolproof style or move that is valid for every fight, they arc going to scrape you off the pavement one day. Never assume you have all Ihc answers. Never rely on the techniques and moves you learn in one or more of the martial art disciplines. You'll get mashed if you do. I say il again, street fighting has no rules and respects no ideas of fairness.

I can explain a lot of tactics and strategies to you, but you must develop the ability to use them. Just knowing something is useless if you don't put it into action. You have to develop the guts and determination to use what you know - to practise the moves until they become instinct and to strengthen your will to explode into action when required. I will give you some personal tips on how to do thai and ihen you must just work at them, hard and constantly, until they are part of you and the way you think and react.

It is important that you leam what il means to be aware and alert. Most people get mugged, raped or jumped because they were half asleep. By that I mean that most people do not seem alert. They don't notice what is going on around them - maybe because they think that if they ignore something ugly it will go away. That is not the case with thugs, punks and criminals. So I'm going to stress the importance of waking up your mind to your immediate surroundings. Self defence is an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of reacting to life instinctively. You know if you have picked up a guy's evil intentions towards you. you have already loused up his plans. You can immediately move to counter his actions and very often avoid a confrontation altogether by your attitude, stance and the confidence you project. TTiat is what 1 mean by self defence being an "attitude of life" • being aware and reacting spontaneously to what you sense.

Developing awareness becomes a "fun" thing, a game if you like. So docs practising your new skills and putting your new knowledge into action. Never again will you have to give in to the scum that prey on the weak and helpless. You will be developing a new self confidence and new appreciation of your own abilities too.

Finally remember that a lot of fights can be avoided, but if you arc going into an attack then give it all you've got. Never hesitate or make half-moves. You may not get a second chance to correct your mistake. Go all out. go to win. to put your attacker out of commission. When you have done that. then Mop! Most of these punks don't deserve mercy, but the courts don't always see it that way. So why lose your freedom for the sake of some violent, mindless idiot.

1 know you arc going to enjoy this book. As you read, bear in mind that just knowing the moves is not enough, you have to practise, practise and practise until they become instinct.

Do as 1 suggest. No more, no less. Don't overdo any of the steps, but perform them as I recommend. Needless to say. we can take no responsibility for any accident or injury that might be sustained through undertaking this course, and the author docs not suggest that these techniques be seriously used unless you are physically threatened.

Follow this instruction. You can do it. Be proud. Be sure of yourself knowing that these techniques can give you the confidencc and assurance which is your birthright.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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