Knife Attack One Forward Lunge

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Knife attack from the front:

The thug comes for you with a knife in his right hand. Your timing must be spot on, which is why training with a partner is essential, remembering to start slowly until you have the feel of the moves and then gradually speeding up.

As he comes at you. slip quickly to his knife side and kick him as hard as you can just behind the knee, driving down with all your force on his upper calf. If done right, he will (hopefully) drop to the ground in agony. Make sure you finish him off properly so that he can't get up and try again.

Knife Attack Defense

Stabbing and "digging" with the knife. Have your partner approach you with quick stabbing lunges. Your best bet lies in distracting the attacker as quickly and effectively as possible. Someone who attacks with rapid jerky moves like this is probably really uptight, with his nerves strung out. so suddenly laughing and pointing behind him or unexpectedly leaping up into the air is going to freak him out Throw something at him or if you have nothing in your hands, pretend you arc hurling some object. The idea is to distract him so that in those moments, you can act.

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