Precision Exercises

I suggest you do these excrciscs in sets and repetitions. For instance, ten repetitions with a left hook, ten with a right cross. Rest and repeat - twice if it is a two-set rouune. three Limes for a three-set and so on.

1. Using a punch bag. mark the cxact spot to punch Move in with your gliding step and use different kinds of punches. Make sure you hit the cxact centre of the spot you have marked. Then concéntrate on increasing speed. As your co-ordination becomes smoother, bring the force and momentum of your body into play.

2. Suspend a tennis ball from the ceiling, first at one height, then another. Practice hitting it from different spots.

3. Keep your exercises fun and challenging! As you walk down the street, picture people as targets. See the vulnerable spots in each and picture in your mind's eye how you would attack. This will heighten your mental awareness and keep you on your toes - it will also be training your instinct. Unpreparedncss and aimless punching are common among untrained fighters and will result in defeat.

4. Practice with a partner. Avoid his punches by ducking and slipping. Learn to react with quick blows before he can recover. Concentrate on precision. It is best to start off slowly and as you improve pick up speed.

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