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When trouble strikes, the speed of your reaction is going to make the difference between who lands up on the pavement, you or your attacker. Don't think though that "reaction" is the same thing as "speed". For instance, you might be able to execute a certain move in a very short limit of time, but if it takes you a while to start moving then that speed of execution is not going to help.

Your reaction will depend a lot on your own personal programming and will improve as you work at it. Remember that 1 said that self defence is an attitude? Well, as you become more aware of what is happening around you, your alertness will be honed. You will be preparing yourself for potential danger. Imagine what you would do if the guy walking towards you were a threat. Picture the situation in your mind and see yourself reacting instantaneously.

One of the ways you can develop the ability to react spontaneously and instinctively without having to think about your moves and plan them is to start building up righteous anger towards possible attackers.

Most people will react with surprise, shock, fear and helplessness when attacked. If you are alert and prepared, you will have programmed yourself to feel white-hot anger. like ,4how dare this punk attack me?M This kind of anger primes you for immediate reaction in the face of violence. It is what you should feel and it can make the difference between winning and losing, and maybe between survival and death.

Don't think that there is something wrong with reacting in anger. Especially if you have tried to avoid confrontation as explained elsewhere in this book, you have more than every right to start letting the anger boil up. Listen, you believe that human beings are worth more than ani mals* like dogs, don't you? Well have you ever seen what a mother dog or animal will do when her puppies or little ones are threatened. Hey, she will even give her life for them! Why? Because she values and treasures them. They have worth. They arc important. And that is the kind of reaction you must encourage in yourself. If someone attacked those near and dear to you, you would also flare up and go wild. You must develop the same kind of esteem and appreciation of your own self-worth. Your life is unique. You arc the only one of a kind. A valuable individual like no other. You have feelings no one else has, ideals and ambitions unique to you. How dare anyone think so liule of you and your value that he could even consider coming against you !

Stan thinking about your life. About how much love, sorrow, suffering, pain, hopes and dreams have gone into it. Think about how important people and things are to you and reaJly start to esteem and value those things. Then think of some lowdown punk who has done nothing but sponge off victims all his life, has causcd only death, misery, and failure wherever he has gone and who now wants to put his filthy fingers all over the things that arc important to you and foul them up, steal them, destroy them. You have to be really mad at this guy. And work at it, this is righteous anger and indignation that will add energy, power, determination and explosive force to your self defence.

You need to cultivate this kind of anger on a long-term basis. It is in fact a programming or conditioning that must become instinctive. When a crisis of some kind threatens, you rarely have time to plan your reaction of counter-moves. There is nothing difficult about building this reaction into you. Just like a soldier is conditioned to respond spontaneously and instinctively to combat situations, so you can achicve the same instant response. Repetition and constant rehearsal will build the response in you. Your desire to cultivate quick reactions will fuel the process. Remind yourself how low and despicable the thug is who attacks you. Think how your loved ones will be affected if something happens to you. Realise that he feels nothing for you. that he thinks you are a victim, easy pickings and gives nothing for the fact that you hurt, that you love, that people depend on you.

You must also realise that he is ruthless. He intends to damage you, perhaps seriously, he probably doesn't care if you are badly injured. Let the anger rise and boil in you. Together with this, cultivate your alertness to your surroundings and to people. Imagine various situations where thugs jump you and picture your reaction, feel your anger. Eventually your response will become an instinctive, spontaneous thing. You won't have to think how to react in the face of a potential attack - you will already be doing it, with anger-directed power and energy that will make most criminals turn tail at high speed.

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