Reflex And Response

Speed can be a deciding factor in using the techniques explained above. This docs not mean the number of punches you can execute in a certain space of time. It means how quickly you can land a blow in a damaging spot when there is an opening.

To use speed effectively, you must know when your opponent is likely to leave himself undefended; when he is making his first move; when he is countering your attack; when he is thrown off balance by a punch; when he is recovering from his own attack.

Your reflex ability to land a telling blow at these times will be sharpened by practise. Learn to "read" his movements. He will advertise his attack intentions with body movements - for instance, pulling his right arm back for a punch. In addition to this, inexperienced fighters usually pull their face into a grimace before they make an attack becausc they tense up.

You will find that as you practise the techniques, you will be developing an instinctive "feel" for your opponents and their intentions. Your speed will grow as this ability to interpret their body movements grows. You will react quicker and be able to get in blows before they can finish the movement they start.

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