Reflexes And Timing

Pracuce, practise and practise the above keys. As the movements bccome more natural and spontaneous, you will find that your eye is being "tuned" in and your instinct is honing your reflexes so that your timing becomes a deadly advantage.

Accurate timing will let you gauge the split second to punch when your opponent has opened up in countcr-attack. when he is momentarily off balance, as he is launching his attack, stepping forward with a foot in the air or recovering from a punch he has thrown at you. Your sharpened reflexes and timing will help you feint and then shoot in as he is disorientated. The "feel" for the right moment will enable you to take advantage of your opponent to a point that is almost unfair!

You will find that practise will help you anticipate your opponent's moves. You will very quickly get a feel for his reactions and take advantage with split-second reflex timing. Catching him open or off balance will disrupt his recovery ability and set him up for a painful blow. Learn to attack the moment he moves in for the first action. The speed of your reaction will unnerve him. as you anticipate his moves, attacks and defence, and shoot in accurately timed blows.

As with the other exercises, your feel for the antagonist's moves and counter-attacks will bccome instinctive as you practise. You will actually be surprised how quickly you learn to react. If you dedicate and apply yourself to the training programme given on the following pages you should see dramatic improvements in your punching power over the next few weeks. After two or three months you will certainly pack a punch you will be proud of.

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