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You will not easily be taken unawares if you have been developing the characteristics of alertness and anticipation. You should be especially on the lookout in situations that arc potentially dangerous, such as on deserted streets, late at night, when you arc alone and so on. This way you will not react in panic or freeze up in fear if attacked.

Sometimes an assailant will launch himself at you in a run to try and knock you down. Don't wail for him to connect! As he gets within range, let his face make contact with your open hand driving forwards to claw it while you kick his knee or lower leg. His momentum will carry him right into your thrust. Now drag your hand down quickly and ruthlessly, so that your fingers claw across his eyes and eyelids. Use your other hand to deliver a hard open-handed slap to the side of his face and again claw it open with your fingers.

You cannot afford to feel squeamish about this kind of attack. If you arc being attacked with violence and ruth-lessness then it is the only way you can respond to avoid possible permanent injury. If you arc going to use this tactic then don't hesitate in delivering the blows, but don't use this type of attack unless necessary. If your attacker is still moving forward and perhaps falls forward, it is possible to tear a large portion of his face away.

Many attackers in this situation will immediately try to counter by blocking your first thrust at his face So then punch him hard with the other hand, or if you are quick enough on your feet, step swiftly to the side and aim a hard kick at his knees. He will drop.

While the attacker's speed and power can be a weapon to his advantage, it can also be used against him and to your advantage. As he comes hurtling towards you. swing

a knife hand into his throat. There is no way he will be able to continue an attack after that.

Whatever the case, make sure your body is balanced and ready for the onslaught. Being steady and prepared actually gives you the advantage over a running attackcr. Once again, if you can command the swift footwork required, you could sidestep smartly as he comes towards you. grab his arm as he goes past and stick your leg out in front of him. When doing this be careful your leg is solid and angled correctly so you don't get hurt. If you jerk his arm as you trip him he will probably connect ground level with a shattering force. Make sure you finish him off properly. Instead of playing the role of the victim, you must assume the initiative.

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