Running The Mark

This movement is similar in principle to spin outs only slightly more linear, which means a little more strength is required.

The technique is to use your opponent's weight against him by building up momentum as you manhandle him in your chosen direction.

Running the Mark might not be as fancy as spin outs but can be just as brutal. Once your opponent is moving you have several choices. You can send them into a solid object or you can trip them up into that solid object. As you arc moving them forward go for their feet and try to unbalance them. Tripping people into solid objects is very much more effective and will leave you time to make your escapc.

If you practise these moves you will begin to lose your natural inhibitions towards actually embracing strangers. If you have to be confrontational then mean it. Here's a couple of Akidoist moves which I remember being effective in previous encounters.

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