Self Defence Against A Weapon Attack

Age, awareness and experience have allowed mc to assess whether my opponent was seriously committed to using the weapon he was brandishing. Reading this book should improve your own learning curve and save you from testosterone tactics like the following situation. It happened to me when I was about 20 years old and just after I had first met Dr. Lcc.

It was about 5 am. I was in the kitchcn of a houvc where a fairly reasonable party was coming to terms with the next morning. There had been this one guy who had vaguely hassled me earlier in the evening but I had avoided him. His problem related to some trouble one of his mates had got into months previously with one of my mates. I figured that it was best forgotten for the moment After all I was at a party and wanted to enjoy myself with a young lady.

So there was I searching through the fridge for some juice for the said lady when this guy walked in and started giving mc various hassles which I won't bore you with.

The more I tried to defuse the situation by being reasonable the more this guy pumped himself up. In fact he was the first example I had seen of what Dan Lee calls "a pointless, pilotless projectile". Suddenly he grabbed an impressive looking knife from amongst the jumble of empty cans and bottles and began brandishing it menacingly at me. along with various ridiculous threats. Now this guy was lucky. I was in a good mood and was beginning to get my animal aggression under control. Six months previously and 1 would have laid him out with the nearest available heavy object. With my new found maturity I assessed the situation.

People who carry knives may or may not use them, but people, in this type of circumstance, who just grab a weapon generally don't, can't and won't. 1 figured that he had only got the knife because it had been lying on a work top and was unlikely to use it. I looked him squarely in the eyes and laughed. I then told him that I figured he didn't have the balls to use the knife and that if he did then he was on a one way trip to prison. Sure enough I was right. He realised what he had done, saw how stupid he had been and was quite embarrassed. The conflict ended there and then (we didn't even have a fist fight) because my opponent had put all his focus into a weapon and been verbally disarmed. He had lost his focus and therefore lost his fight.

You will notice that my defence was only partly conciliatory. These days I would probably leave out the challenge about his balls and just include the useful information about going to prison. My techniques would have probably failed if he had been backcd up by his mates, in which case I would have probably opted for the saucepan defence.

In a civilised society anyone who is dangerous enough to use a knife in a conflict should be loeked up but I have also travelled in more remote parts of the world where they arc de rigueur. I have had real fights which have included knives, although 1 have still not found the need to use one in anger.

In the depths of the Third World, on paths that have not yet been cut, you arc asking for trouble by not wearing a knife. And often the bigger the better because it's mostly a macho thing.

Because of this most aggressors will only be testing but you must nevertheless respond in strong enough terms. Never let your reasonable attitude be mistaken for weakness and remember that most people don't actually want to fight. Bullies prefer going around doing surveys of potential targets than actually fighting. These bullies should be dealt with firmly but politely.

My own style against any weapon attack will depend on the circumstance of the conflict but the disarming routines shown in this book will hold you in good stead. They arc based on the principle of not opposing force, only redirecting it and this makes them ideal for weaker students

Practice and protect yourself.

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