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There are many incorrect beliefs expounded about combat and defence; mostly depending on what the exponent is trying to sell.

The Martial Arts portrayed themselves as the "True Way" to self defence, and some of the techniques are just this. For example the throws from judo and disarming techniques from Akido arc excellent. On the other hand, however, some of the techniques were only really perfected for the cinema and should be left there.

In real Street Fighting you should never kick above the waist and sensibly only ever kick at feet or shin level. You should forget all about roundhouses which are for points; street fighting is for real.

Not once, but twice I have been confronted by so called martial arts "experts" who have tried to put me down with a fancy backwards spinning kick, only for me to avoid block the kick and put them down, and hard - Suckcrs !

Turning your back in an attempt to perform a fancy martial arts movement on a fast attacker could be the last move you ever make !

A novice fighter believes in two things. The one shot win and the one shot win to the balls. His belief in these moves may be because they were effectively used in the past, but they are for the beginner. Once you have built your guard correctly you will not need to look for the lucky win you'll be relying on skill, although never reject a little luck.

• Weapon assaults are not foregone conclusions in favour of the attacker as most people suppose. Armed with a weapon an attacker will focus his entire attack through the weapon. Defeat the weapon and you have usually defeated the attacker.

Let me clearly state that you do not have to become a master warrior to defend yourself. Of course it is obvious that you will need to train to understand the concepts of the routines but all the routines in this book are picked for their simplicity.

As I have stressed throughout this book you must remember that simplicity succeeds on the street where you don't fight for long enough to warrant complex attacks.

The typical fight starts from the face off. At this point either party can move forward with the opening strike which will usually dictate all hell breaking loose. If you manage to keep your head together then you will sec what is going on but mostly it will be a blur of fists and feet. Within the next 6 to 8 seconds there will be attacks and counter-attacks before the opponents will cither break or move to grappling.

If you were fighting me then we would be grappling. If you're fighting a bully then they're more likely to be concerned with a break for damage assessment. Now you have the option whether to take the fight back to him or run away.

Had you moved into the grappling phase you could by now have thrown your opponent, landed on him. and be in the process of restraining him.

Whether restraining him involves battering his facc into the concrete or asking him whether he has had enough is up to you.

Some of the Marual Arts rely heavily on joint dislocating, bone breaking, ligament tears and pain being inflicted on damaged areas. These are impossible to test on sparring partners and therefore impracticable for your armoury. The street is not the place to find out that a technique doesn't work.

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