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The easiest way to retain information is to visualize it. To form it into a picture which you can then recall to your mind's eye.

The following diagrams illustrate what I was taught to visualize by my Master and what I now retain in my mind's eye. When 1 face my enemy the shaded areas automatically appear like cross hairs in a sight. I am in combat mode but I am still in control and able to use my brain. I know where to send the missiles and practise has ensured that the missiles will connect.

The target BAND runs from ear to ear and includes the temples, eyes and bridge of the nose. The cars are an ideal target for the less strong because all that is required for a burst drum is a cuffed hand or a slap to the side of the head.

The triangle is projected on to the opponent's hack. Its top point is the rear of the neck and the lower points coincide with the kidneys. Whilst the back of the neck is another advanced target requiring special shots, you can hit the kidneys with any kind of blow.

• Moving across the band one finds the eye* which, whilst protected from flying fists do not take kindly to gouging thumbs.

• The temples and bridge of the nose arc high value targets which are hard to hit without the correct "missile".

• The target LINK drops from the nose, as your punch should, to the jaw. the throat, the solar plexus and the balls.

• When shut the jaw is a very solid, mostly unbreakable object which is why boxers clench their teeth together. However, when open, the jaw is very vulnerable to breakage.

• Keeping your chin down also tends to act against blows to the throat which lies on the LINE. These can be devastating. A hori<w>ntal fist or open handed chop to the front of the throat will drop most opponents with breathing difficulties. It is not difficult to do but you must learn the correct technique and distance with training. It is useful to be aware of it as a potential incoming missile and build your defences accordingly.

• Whilst you're looking out for incomings be aware of hand chops to the side of the neck and clavicle which can have a very unsettling effect on your own supply lines.

• The clavicle is one of the easier bones in the body to break along with the strongly named xiphoid process. This is next down on the LINE. Hanging on the end of the sternum. and pointing towards the solar plexus, the xiphoid

•The kidneys arc excellent targets which, when bruised, will leave your a>ssailant with a memory of his errors for some time to come. Being tuckcd away around the back they only usually present themselves as a target when the fight has progressed into the grappling or groundwork stage. Then you should endeavour to hit em with anything ... a fist... an elbow... knees or feet. The more pointed the blow the more penetrating it's effect. An effective blow to the kidneys will take the fight out of most people.

The first step in effective street fighting is to learn the targets because a knowledge of these will enable you to make the most effective use of your own missiles; whilst still being alert enough to know what to protect.

If you strike your target with accuracy as well as with force you will achieve maximum impact. You might not be too accurate, but still deliver a lot of force and though the damage is not what you originally intended, it will still have quite an eiTcct. Knowing the most sensitive target and what effect an accurate blow will have is vital to the swift termination of a confrontation.

The areas of band, line and triangle contain the main targets where you will achieve maximum effect. When you process will break off with a direct punch. Should the XP pierce the diaphragm it will go into spasm which can lead to suffocation. An intended winding punch to the solar plexus could do this so cover up your XP.

• The line ends at the balls which arc a great, but much overrated target. If you ever get hit with a cheap shot to the balls then reconsider your whole attitude to defence and stance. Only novices try to win fights with this obvious and expected shot. Notwithstanding what I have just said ... if they leave 'cm swinging, then set 'cm ringing.

centre the crown just behind the hairline where the front and side bones of the skull join, you can strike your opponent into unconsciousness bccause of the shock to the cranial nerves. You could fracture the skull or even kill him if there is internal bleeding and shock. If you hit the top of his head you could concuss him or cause internal hacmor-rhaging that could lead to death.

Hitting the forehead can rupture blood vessels that will make the eyes swell. If you cause concussion then there could be brain damage. If the frontal bone or sinus cavity is fractured then you could causc brain damage if bone splinters enter the brain or even death.

Connecting the temple could sever the artery that carries blood to the membrane around the brain and this could lead to coma and/or death. Any fractures here could send bone splinters into the brain causing concussion or death.

Sockets And Cheek Bones: A blow in this area will cause severe watering of the eyes. Any fracture in this area will be intensely painful and might even make the guy pass out The brain could be affected by shock so that he loses control of his nervous system.

Eyes: Hitting the eyes might cause temporary or even permanent blindness as well as severe watering and intense pain.

Ear*: Apart from causing concussion, you could rupture the eardrum. Not only will the pain be tremendous but the guy will probably lose balance too. Hitting him behind the cars just above the lower jaw can causc unconsciousness because of shock to the cranial nerves and spinal cord and concussion. If the head is snapped at an angle you could even break a vertebra or crack the skull.

Nose: Hitting the bridge of the nose could fracture it and cause hemorrhaging and temporary blindness as well at severe watering. If the cranial nerves arc affected, which is more than likely, then there can be brain trauma and probable unconsciousness.

Hair: Twisting the hair can be extremely painful Simply grabbing a handful of hair and pulling it down hard is an effective tool to assist with a take down technique. Another method which is even more painful involves twisting the hair at the roots, (an area where the nerves arc quite sensitive). Grab a handful of hair on each side of the attacker's head. Clutch all the way to the roots, and jerk your elbows downwards while twisting his hair. Continue to twist as you pull him to the floor.

Jaw Area: Connecting the area below the nose on the upper jaw and just inside the tip of the nose will causc intense pain and damage to the cartilage and septum. The eyes will water uncontrollably and you might even dislodge some teeth as well as splitting his lip.

If the blow is not angled upwards you could cause an upper jaw fracture that will probably poleaxc the guy. The cranial nerves will be badly traumatized and this could even lead to respiratory paralysis and death. If you have dislodged teeth they could even get caught in his trachea so that his vocal cords go into spasms and block off the air supply.

Lower Jaw: You could cause unconsciousness because of the impact on the cranial nerves, dislocate the lower jaw and make the eyes water, fracture the jaw or even fracture the cheek bone* if the blow is angled upwards.

Neck And Throat: Hitting the muscles on the side of the ncck will make the throat contract. If you really conncct him with force you might even break the hyoid bone in his throat and sever the trachea or cause nerve damage. You could even cut the jugular or carotid thus diminishing blood to the brain. Obviously death is a possibility in this case.

If the neck muscles go into spasms, the jugular and carotid will be shut off and this could cause blood clots as well as brain trauma. Alternatively the nerves in the front of the throat could be damaged, or you could rupture the thyroid gland. This will causc choking and even unconsciousness

If you hit the point where the collar bones meet, a kind of hollow between the sternum and the so-called sternohyoid muscle you could fracture the collar bones. Your opponent will not be able to use the arm on the side of the fracture. Bone fragments could break off and causc internal bleeding in the larynx or the trachea could block off causing choking and possible death.

A blow to the nape of the neck will cause severe shock to the brain, spinal cord and cranial nerves. Concussion and death could result from muscic spasms and whiplash. If the vertebra is broken then the guy could end up paralysed. A forceful strike could sever the spinal cord, and will cause death. Any other fractures of the spinal cord could end up with paralysis or at the least loss of consciousncss

Collar Bones: If you break one of the collar bones, apart from losing the use of the related arm. the guy could suffer internal bleeding and even gangrene if the relative nerves and arteries are affected. If the fracturc is bad. bone splinters could even penetrate the lung.

Hitting the chest where the clavicles connect with the chest plate could fracture the tips of the clavicles and drive splinters into the lower trachea as well as making the attacker lose his breath. Fracturc of the upper sternum could also drive splinters into the lungs.

If instead you hit the sternum, there will be huge shock to the heart, lungs and pulmonary artery resulting in shock and respiratory failure. If the sternum is fractured, bone splinters could go into the internal organs resulting in severe haemorrhaging.

The xiphoid as already stated is at the end of the sternum. If it is broken and driven inwards it could also penetrate internal organs. At the least there will be severe shock to these organs.

Ribs: A blow jusl below the nipples on the left could shift the heart and lead to death and will at the least cause temporary loss of breathing. Hitting the same area on the right will affect the lungs with loss of breathing and unconsciousness. even death.

Damage to the upper rib area will caiue unconsciousness as breath is driven out of the lungs. It could rupture the lungs or other organs. If you break any ribs, they could be driven into organs causing bleeding and death

Hitting the area at the right side around the seventh and eight ribs will cause severe shock to the liver. On the left it will affect the stomach and spleen and probably the lungs and heart as well. Obviously splinters could causc internal bleeding and death.

If the blow is in the area of the abdomen, lower back area around the ninth to eleventh ribs, you could easily rupture the spleen and cause bleeding, loss of consciousness, and even death. Again rib splinters could picrce the spleen.

Diaphragm: Damaging this area will causc loss of breath, unconsciousness and probably rupture to internal organs which could lead to death.

Bladder: A blow here will affect not only the bladder but the small intestine and the relative blood vessels and nerves. If the bladder is ruptured then urine will enter the body cavity with severe toxic effects. If the pubic bone itself is fractured splinters could be driven into the intestines.

Kidneys: A ruptured kidney will lead to interna) hacmor-rhaging. severe pain and coma if not death. Splinters from broken ribs could result in the same consequences. The impact could even affect other internal organs in the area.

Groin: Damage to the testicles and groin will cause loss of breath and severe nausea. Pain from ruptured testes will induce vomiting, unconsciousness and even death. Splinters from a fractured pubic bone could be driven into the intestines or bladder.

The Back: Hitting your assailant between the shoulder blades could cause severe shock to the lungs and spinal column. He will lose breath and probably movement too. He might even suffer permanent partial paralysis.

Hitting him in the middle of the back could paralyse him if the vertebra is fractured. Otherwise you will cause trauma to the spinal cord, lungs and aorta so that he loses breath and is temporarily paralysed.

A blow to the lower back will traumatize the kidneys and relative blood vessels and nerves. He will probably be paralysed for a while. If the vertebra arc broken in this area then he could be permanently paralysed from the break downwards.

The Coccyx: Connecting this point will affect the whole spinal cord and result in brain trauma. The intense pain will probably end the fight.

Lower Buttocks: The pain here will come from a blow to the sciatic nerve that will affcct the abdomen and hip and causc loss of motor function.


Shoulders: Fracture or dislocation results in loss of the use of that arm. not to mention the pain and shock.

Elbows: may be dislocated when the joint is straight or under strain or tendons could be torn. Alternatively the humerus could be broken.

Wrist And Hand: If the nerves inside the wrist are attacked the trauma could cause pain to the chest and throat. In addition your assailant will not be able to use his hand.

The areas on the back of the hand between the thumb and index fingers as well as between the middle and ring fingers are especially vulnerable. The affected nerves cause pain to the chest and throat and loss of motor function. If a bone is fractured then he will not be able to use the hand effectively.

Thighs: An attack on the inner thigh will affect the nerves and arteries here, causing pain in the hip and abdomen and loss of motor ability. You could even dislocate the hip.

If instead you conncct the side of the thigh you could again dislocate the hip joint which is similar to tin: shoulder joint. Torn muscles will result in spasms and he will be unable to use the leg for a while. If nerves in this area arc affccted. he will experience intense pain in the hip and abdomen. Fracturing the femur itself will obviously bring the fight to a rapid halt.

Knee Joint: You will not have to break the femur, tibia or fibula for him to lose the loss of his leg. A sprain or torn muscles or cartilage will do the same.

Shin: Scraping and tearing the shin will causc intense pain and swelling. Striking hard enough could fracture the fibula or tibia.

Top Of The Foot: You could affect the tibial artery which will causc pain in the hip area and lead to loss of movement. A sprained or fractured ankle will also bring him to a halt and he could even lose the use of his foot permanently.

Instep: Damaging the nerves and artery in this area will causc intense pain in the leg, hip and abdomen resulting not only in the loss of motor ability but even in unconsciousness. If the small bones in the foot arc fractured then he will not be able to use his foot at all.

Outer Arm: Hitting him between the biceps and triceps will traumatize the ulna and median nerve and blood vessels that will send pain shooting through the upper arm. chest and neck probably making him immobile. He could have muscle spasms that will have the same effect.

Back Of Upper Arm: If you deliver a blow under the elbow you could cause muscle splinters that will paralyse his arm by connecting clusters of nerves close to the skin.

Back Of Lower Arm: Striking him just under the elbow where there are similar nerve dusters will cause the same kind of pain as desenbed above. If on the other hand you break the radius or ulna he will experience partial paralysis and the loss of the use of the hand.

Back Of The Wrist: Hitting the nerves will make him lose the use of his hand. If you ram his wrist back on itself you could fracture or even shatter the joint or even the ends of the radius and ulna

All of the blows described above will cause severe pain which itself might be enough to stop the fight. Hitting any of the targets in the face will make your attackcr lose his co-ordination and probably lead to loss of consciousness too. It could even lead to death.

Any strike in the area of the upper abdomen, will deliver severe shock to internal organs and relative nerves. Shock could cause him to pass out and trauma to nerves could also cause loss of motor functions or breathing.

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