The Best Way To Floor An Aggressor

When you are standing face to face with an assailant your first priority is to close the gap between you and floor him as quickly as possible. When you see that he is determined to fight despite your attempt to avoid confrontation, then assume a ready position and project as much calm, confidence and strength as you can. This will unnerve him since most street thugs are looking for victims.

Now. you could let him take the initiative in closing the gap. since some of these criminals try to intimidate their "prey" with tactics like poking him in the chest or grabbing his clothes, but personally I don't advise that you give him the opportunity. You need to take him by surprise so I rccommcnd that you move first to close the gap. Even if you don't actually floor him you can put him off balance and the unexpectedness of the attack might actually be enough to make htm change his mind

You can practise all these moves with a partner, remembering to start slowly until you have the hang of the move and then gradually speeding up. Let your partner go for you with an outstretched arm, as though he were going to poke you in the chest. Later, he can speed up too and make like he is going to punch you. Step back quickly on your right foot towards your left and block with you left arm. Then sweep your left leg forward so that the arch hooks in behind his right heel. Don't lift your leg high to do this, you must try to keep it as close to the floor as possible otherwise you risk losing your balance. As strongly as you can, shove his right leg backwards to your right and push forwards with your left arm. Before he knows what has hit him he will be on the floor. Make sure you finish him off before he has a chance to get up.

If instead of waiting for him to make the first move, you decide to go for him, then shoot a left punch towards his eyes as you swing your right foot towards the left. He will respond to your attack and give you the opportunity to hook your left foot behind his left heel. Pull as strongly as you can backwards to your right and he will hit the floor. Now try it from the side. Let your partner go for you with a high right. Block with your left forearm and swing your right forward to hook his left ankle and sweep his left leg out from under him towards your own IcfL

If instead you are attacking him. then use your left foot to hook his left ankle and sweep his leg to the right so that he falls forwards to your left rear.

Another common move to knock an aggressor down is the reaping blow. The lactic is basically the same whoever initiates the first attack. Let your partner attack you with a right hook. As you step forward on your left to block with the outer arm, use a palm fist strike on his chin. Sweep your right leg to the left and forwards as though you were going for a rising kick. Then "sweep" it backwards with the knee bent, hooking the upper part of his inner thigh with the upper pan of your rear thigh. This knocks him off balancc by whipping his leg from under him and the higher you "sweep" the harder he'll fall. Keep your right hand under his chin so that you can shove him to the right.

Another technique is as follows. When in a clinch, slam two or three kicks into the attacker's shins. Fake another. When he starts to lift his fool to avoid your kick, sweep it aside the instant his weight comes off it and pull his shoulders in whatever direction he falls to take him down.

Wing Tsun Technique

With all these tactics, don't forget to finish the guy off. You don't want him leaping to his feet in a rage to fly back at you. You can either kick him into submission or you can follow him down with your knees bent and punch. Practice this with a partner lying down with his head to your left Go down on your right knee with your left knee pointing ahead. From a guard position let your right hip swivel forwards and punch down into him with your right. Hammer fists are also useful in this situation.

Karate Punch PogisanHammer Fist Punch

• Stomping on an opponents knee will break the rules in a Karate tournament. In the street, where there are no rules, it will break a leg.

• By stamping on the thug's upper arm you will hurt his biceps muscle, squashing it against the bone and taking away his will to fight.

The Vital Attack Points

The vital attack points are there for hurting or maiming your opponent. Do not hit them unless this is the result you desire.

If 1 were in a fighi these days, which fortunately my attitude seems to preclude, I would first strike at the targets which I knew would only hurt my adversary. This contrasts considerably with my old fighting attitude where I would go for high value target and usually damage the other guy.

Time however has mellowed the "Don't fuck with mc because I'll hurt you" mentality into 'Don't mess with mc because I'm quite able to defend myself'. A psychologist told mc that this is called maturity, although I think it's more like restraint. However you should start off with a good knowledge of what and where the targets are. Later you can exercise the option of choicc to limit the amount of pain and/or damage you inflict.

Knowing the nastiest target is necessary bccausc you never know quite how unpleasant a situation could get. One day you may be fighting for your life and knowing how to correctly hit a kidney might just save it. Targets give you choice and options which are what you must have in order to win.

As you spar, try to visualize the targets on your opponent's body. Recalling the BAND, the LINE and the TRIANGLE to the mind's eye will help this tremendously. They highlight the attack points of which the most vital fall on the LINE. These arc the bridge of the nose, the jaw, the throat, the good old Xiphoid Process, the midsection and the groin.

• These vital targets also fit in with a very handy tip which was given to mc early on in my fighting career. It was from an old boxing coach called Joe Kinsley, or Uncle Joe as most people called him. Anyway old Joe told me to always aim for the centre line and time has proved this to be sound advice. If you throw a punch at your opponent's nose and he moves his head to one side then you may still connect with a check or car. Likewise if you punch to the stomach you may still catch the floating ribs.

Add this piece of information to your targeting system and you will score more hits, even if they are secondary ones.

FINGERS: These are small targets and therefore a little difficult to hit, but if the opportunity presents itself, kick or punch them hard in an attempt to break the bones. The pain is so intense, it may render the entire arm useless.

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