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The most important factor about any block is to be definite. He can either side step and kick or he can block. If he chooses one. then goes for ihc other and finally dithers around in the middle he will get hit.

Be definite in your actions and remember that you will have to close in eventually and deal with him. The illustrations show how the block is applied lo the incoming arm and then converted into an arm lock by sliding the arm up. over and around the club hand. As the pressure is increased the attacker's body opens up to present its many targets to the defender.

the skull arc recognizcd uses for these objects but both would deter an attacker. If you feel your life under threat then use all available options to contain the situation.

If you arc attacked on the beach or similar terrain then throw sand or dirt in your attackcr's eyes. Ii works in the movies and it works in real life. Similarly if you find yourself under attack use any available object to defend yourself. Umbrellas are fine but only if used correctly. It's no good hitting a drunk over the head with one because drunks don't feel such things. They would however notice the pointed end stuck in their facc, midsection or groin.

Often when fighting for your life your preconceptions will hold you back. This is not the route to survival. If someone is trying to hurt/rape/murder you then you must fight back with all your mighl UNLESS you want to become a victim. Forget about your preconceptions and nail him with whatever you can get your hands on.

The law in the UK is quite specific about carrying weapons ... you can't! In fact in 1990 the laws were further tightened to such an extent that it is practically an offence for even sportsmen like divers and fishermen to carry knives. This means that if you carry a knife, even for self defence, you arc committing an offence. If you feel your life being threatened to the extent that carrying weapons is ncccssary then I suggest you choose very carefully.

CS. Mace and Tear Gas arc available on the Continent where they are carried by numerous people for protection against rape or mugging. The major problem (apart from being illegal in the UK), is having to retrieve the canister before use. Most assailants won't allow you the luxury of time to recover your spray which means that you would have to carry it in your hands or an easily accessible pocket. This is perhaps a little impractical. However I have been in two separate incidents where gas was used and I can assure you that anyone who inhaled the stuff was in trouble. Their eyes closed up and streamed tears whilst their lungs burnt and they choked. The la*t thing they wanted to think about was fighting.

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