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Fortunately this blow has nothing to do with putting your foot in your mouth, which would be much too impractical for street fighting!

Your heel is, in fact, the part of your hand where it meets your wrist. This area is quite tough, especially if you remember to tense your muscles, and can be used quite cf-

fectively as a club. Although the blow might be regarded as primitive, it docs have its place in street fighting.

The hand-heel to the solar plexus is a very good close up strike.

The open handed throat shot can be very effective when executed with power.

For a weaker or less skilled defendant it is an easy shot to execute from a swinging action to the side of the jaw but it can be blocked. Much I have said about improving your techniques in palm strikes and reverse punches is relevant to the heel smash and you should refer to those chapters.

The heel smash is useful for close in contact when the fight may be developing into a wrestling match. This is the time to nail your opponent with a stunner to a vulnerable target and begin to upset their confidence.

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