The Importance Of Targeting

"In an initial war situation you can only launch so many missiles. These, however, must be directed at the most effective targets ... which we have identified. We've been planning this for ages!"

"Stormin" Norman Schwarzkopf - Commander Of U.S. Forces Dunng The Gulf War

To make your combat most effective in the opening, stage of the battle you MUST make your shots, or 'missiles', as Stormin Norman said, count. This means targeting. The untrained fighter, sucked unknowingly into a situation will often open with a Tornado Technique in the hope of a lucky one punch win. Even if the Tornado does connect it is unlikely to do much damage because such a fighter is so unfocused. Never rely on luck ... only skill.

The Tornado is from the unharnessed animal which lurks inside everyone. It is this power which, although driving the Warrior Instinct, must be trapped to focus the Warrior Energy. With control the fighter attains FOCUS which is very useful for TARGETING. Inside the Zen world it's called focus whilst outside it's callcd training.

7 or 8 seconds into the fight and the Tornado will have run out of wind. If you arc that Tornado then this is when you will think ...

"CHRIST ... I don't think I hit him ... He's still standing ... OH SHIT!"

This is the time to turn on your heel and run away because otherwise you're going to get pummelled. If you make it home alive it really is time to read this book ... and practise what is written herein!

Safety Soldier

Safety Soldier

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