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This is a close in block which will most commonly be used to deflect a hook to the side head/jaw. Note from the pictures how the defender blocks the hook with his left whilst simultaneously moving his head away.

Inside Crane Defense

the action continues the defender could have gone for a chop to the neck hut seeing the attacker's right hand pulling away he perceived a left hook. This is blocked by a palm smash to the shoulder and then could be followed up by either a head butt, palm strike to the jaw or hand chop to the throat.

• Never try blocking with two hands. It leaves you undefended and defeats the principle of blocking and counter striking.

• The other important block which you should aim to master is for the groin. It is an important area to keep protected and one which is vulnerable to attack.

Bnnging your leg up and across protects this area quite well but there is a better move. As your attacker kicks out towards your groin block with the same foot, i.e. left blocks left and as you connect then swing his leg out which opens his gate. Slightly stepping to the left then sets you up for a kick to the groin or knee followed by an elbow strike to the head, neck or spine.

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