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The first rule I teach any student new to the idea of defending their space is that there arc no rules on the street. There are only different levels of conflict.

This means that to stay within the bounds of the LAW and REASONABLE BEHAVIOUR you should only fight to the level of your opponent. If he is unarmed then you should be unarmed BUT if he uses a weapon then reason allows you the same option. If 1 had to state my own philosophy for street fighting it would be that I only mess with people to the level that they mess with me!

Every rule has its exception and this one is no different, in fact it almost proves that it must be a rule. If you are ambushed or seriously losing a conflict then reasonable behaviour is altered to include SURVIVAL.

The only rule for survival is that you are allowed to do everything possible to ensure yours. Oncc you've lost your survival the only recourse is spiritual... which means coming back and haunting your killer! Read this book and you should have a much better chance of staying out of survival situations through awareness and action.

You must be constantly assessing the situations you find yourself in. Look at your opponent and look around you. What are his weak points...? Will you have to fight him or is there an escape route...? Is he a psycho...? Does he want to kill you...? What did that book say to do in these kind of situations...? The book said to keep thinking. Fortunately most readers of this book will not have to face this kind of predicament. But if you did then you'd be prepared.

If you do have to physically defend yourself then speed, surprise and aggressive actions are your allies. If you're going to punch someone then put some force into that punch and scream as you unleash it. Remember what counts most in street fighting. It's surviving, avoiding hospital or the law and living to sec another day. Do what is necessary to ensure these options remain open to you.

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Safety Soldier

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