Using Improvised Weapons

One essential talent of any successful street fighter must be adaptability. In fact this is probably the point which lets down most Martial Artists. They're jusi too rigid.

Adaptability means changing your moves to fit the circumstances. not your circumstances lo fit your moves. It is an important aspect of street survival but must be combined wiih others, including improvisation.

With improvisation you begin to gain inspiration which, as a fighter, makes you quite awesome. The secret of success here is using your imagination. Everyday objects can make effective weapons under the right circumstances. Most of the lime I don't need weapons because I'm effective at defence, bui you may, and you should listen and learn. Anything can be used to defend yourself from attack but the results may not be nice. For example neither a pen stuck in someone's face or a glass ashtray embedded in ihe side of in on him, grappling him to the ground and then overcoming him using the other techniques described in this book.

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