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This is a corny title. but I had to use it because it is so appropriate! Street fighting is all about using your head by adapting what you've got to overcome what you're faced with. This means that if you're not a strong or skilled defender then you must take what nature has given you and use that. Your head is a very solid, heavy battering ram which hurts like hell if connected to a opponent's nose. Head butts are ideal defences because they can be executed on a close in attacker, the kind of grappler often encountered on the street. When considering the head bun you must not forget that it is a multi-directional defence.

One student recalled how sh^&as grasped from behind whilst walking to her car in a multi-storey car park. She said that after her initial moment of sheer panic she remembered someone telling her to throw her head backwards if ever in such a situation. This she did and connected nicely with her assailant. In shock, pain or whatever be released her and ran away.

Anyone grasped from behind should immediately drive their heels into the attackers shins so he will lean forward, then fling their head backwards in to the attackers face. Backward butts are unlikely to hurt you, although front ones can if you don't do them conecUy. You should be aiming to connect your forehead with your opponent's nose.

1. A grab from the rear.

2. Defender thrusts his hips strongly back into the attacker and simultaneously drives both his arms upwards to break the bold.

3. Defender, clasping the attackers wrists to prevent him from moving away, then smashes his bead back into at* tackcrs face.

Butt Beads Moving Pics

If you clash your heads then the smaller framed person will come off worse. Butts also work sideways, more likely to be of use when grappling close in.

Butt Beads Moving Pics

If you're in a clinch and trying to grapple your attacker to the ground, your grappling technique will be much more effective if you butt him in the face. It will weaken him and make it easier to take him down. If you arc in a clinch and the attacker starts to get you in a hold, smack your fore-bead hard into his face.

Head butting is a great technique to use when your arms arc pinned down. If you arc held from the front, thrust your forehead forward and smash your opponent on his nose.

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