You Must Know How To Fall Correctly

So what happens if in spile of all the moves, tactics and blows you manage to get in. you trip and hit the dirt? Or worse still, are caught off balancc and the thug shoves you over? Believe it or not, you can actually turn the fall to your advantage, because a guy who sees you dropping is going to relax a bit. even if only for a second or so, and that is when you can do a come-back and let him have it.

You have to practise falling and recovering, so that if you happen to be pushed over or trip, you can be back on your feet and in control before your opponent can act.

Falling Forwards

Stan from a kneeling position with your hands on your thighs and then fall forwards. Keeping your elbows bent shoot your hands up and slap the floor with palms and forearms. Now try it from a ready position and your legs straight Make sure when your palms and forearms hit the dirt that your elbows arc beni up out of the way. Breathe out as you make contaci with mother earth. The same technique applies if someone shoves you from behind into a solid object like a wall or tree. This tactic makes it easier to rebound.

Falling Backwards

From a crouch position with your right hand on your left shoulder, left hand on your right shoulder, stick one leg out in front of you, tuck your chin down and keeping rolled up, fall backwards. As the small of your back makes con-tact with the ground, shoot your arms down to slap the ground hard to help absorb the shock then let them rebound and cross them over your chest again. Now try it from a ready position and arms as above. Stretch one leg out and sink down on the other with your chin in. Roll backwards again, slapping the ground and breathing out on impact.

Falling Sideways

Stan as above in a crouch with your hands crossed. Suetch your right leg out in front and slightly to the left so that you roll backwards on to your right hip. Slap the ground with your right hand and let it rebound. Repeat from the ready stance. Then do the whole exercise again with the left leg.

Forward Roll

Kneeling on your left knee with the right knee pointing ahead stretch your right arm out and put your hand just ahead of your foot near the big toe so that your little finger touchcs the floor and your palm is towards the foot. Stick your chin down, hunch your back and push yourself forwards. staying in a balled up position and roll forward along the edge of your hand on to your forearm, over your shoulder to the opposite hip. Then fall sideways as above. Do this exercise from both the left and right kneeling knee.

Try it from a ready position, stepping forward on the right foot and putting your right hand down as above. Then repeat the moves as explained above rolling across your bock. Practice this with the left and right leg. Remember to breathe out on contact with the ground since it helps to stop you from being winded.

Once you arc sure you have the hang of the move then try it from a jumping not a standing position. Though you don't need padding or special mats, it might help if you have a thick carpet.


Don't believe the lie that you can learn to become fearless. Anyway it is not to your advantage. What? You say -you mean 'tough guys' feel fear? You bet they do! And they use it to add to their power and to channel the adrenaline into explosive force and aggression. Okay, if you don't realize the potential of fear you can let it overwhelm you and panic will wipe you out before your opponent docs, but once you have caught hold of its energy value you can harness it and pump it into power factor.

Using fear corrcctly will turn a city-bred weakling into a whirling dervish who can overpower an unsuspecting thug who is taller, heavier and stronger. Fear unleashes rivers of adrenaline that pump power into muscles, drive strength into moves and shoot speed into every reaction. You just have to learn how to use it properly. Believe it or not, fear is really a neutral emotion that can either galvanize or paralyse you. depending on how you think of it and react to it. You must learn to welcome its stimulation and direct its energizing force. Just like you can use fire either to warm you or burn your house down, its use and results depend on the use you make of it.

Your present response to fear has been programmed into you. That means it can be programmed out. You just have to rewrite the programme. Parents, friends, circumstances from your childhood or youth taught you the reactions to danger that you probably think are just part of your character. Maybe when trouble looms you cower down and want to disappear. That is because you were conditioned into that response. It is not something that just happens naturally. Because you thought it was normal you have just accepted it. Now make up your mind to re-channel it. You were not born to panic, cower, run away or freeze in the face of trouble. What you were born with was a reaction to trouble that people and circumstances have conditioned you to channel into weakness and trembling. Now you need to learn how to channel it into the power and energy response. Your decision will determine how you respond to danger. Your decision will channel the surge of adrenaline into positive or negative reactions. It all depends on you now, not on what was programmed into you years ago. You can change it!

First you must welcome the waves of fear and don't resist them. Use the force like fuel pumping into an engine and ignite. This is exactly what professional boxers do. You never learn not to feel fear - you learn to harness it and use it to power your moves and actions. So when you train, try to imagine situations that cause you fear, then consciously direct the surge of adrenaline into your counter-attacking moves. Remind yourself all the time that when you face danger, you will feel fear, and tell yourself you welcome and accept it as an cncrgizer that will drive your muscles with power and force.

The Eruption Of Power

This brings me to the way you use the power that now becomcs available. Think of a gas cylinder that sits there quite innocently doing nothing except maybe keeping a small heater going. When it is "quiet" it just powers that little heater. But think of the conflagration if it suddenly explodes!

That is the way you have to learn to let the power loose. It must erupt - explode. Don't try to work at a slow buildup of fear, anger or power. Let it zoom into your body and explode. That makes maximum use of all the force and energy shooting into your muscles. You don't have to be a weight lifter or bouncer to release that force either. You can be five foot four and very feminine, but when the explosion connects it will have generated enough force to take the opponent by surprise. Most thugs at this point will ex perience a dramatic rethink about mugging you. especially if you arc following up with some of the tactics you will find in this book.

Power is not all important - but don't listen to the idiots who claim that it is not in the least important Even sporting bodies recognize the place and value of power by the way they categorize weights • from fly • to heavyweight and so on. Shooting divides the power levels into calibres. But power is not everything - as you will see. You cannot however disregard the vicious effectiveness of the eruption of force.

You don't have to maintain your exploding power at a constant level for any length of time The point of this kind of erupting force is that it concentrates your reaction into a powerful explosion that rearranges the attackers ideas and perhaps even his features. It is an added element of surprise that brings fear and further encourages him to evacuate the premises, fast.

In later chapters you will be learning about moves, punches and tactics to counter attacks. When you combine them with this explosive power you can be sure there will be very few thugs prepared to spend much time in your company. So cultivate it. develop it and use it as much as you can while you train.

You can actually improve this kind of erupting force by weight training. Hear me right. 1 didn't say become a body builder. Correct and basic weight training is a tremendous supplement to sclf-dcfcncc techniques and strategies. Don't believe all the trash you hear or read about weight-training making you "musclc-bound" or "turning to fat" if you stop. Even school kids nowadays know that is junk. Muscle tissue and fat tissue are entirely different, one cannot "turn into" the other any more than eggs can turn into milk.

You won't need to train more than two or three times a week if you really go for a good work- out. Stick to the simple stuff and stay away from all the steroids - you don't need them and they will eventually cause irreparable harm There are lots of good weighl-cxcrcising tips in health and fitness magazines. Find a few routines that suit you and vary them every few weeks. You will be honing your mus-clcs and also increasing your exploding power.

Another way you can develop this force is by working out with a punch bag. Remember to put all your power into the punch so that the bag actually buckles. You could also practise by striking or kicking various objects, like trees or walls or the padded boards martial arts people use. Alternatively. try swinging heavy bars or clubs. This will all be building up your power, ready for that mighty eruption.

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