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If you are having trouble controlling a weight, lighten up, and slow down. As you gain strength & control you will start feeling more comfortable with speeding up your rep tempo. We cover rep tempo a little later in the book.

Often times when I am short on time I do chin ups, followed by dips with no rest in between exercises. I will do this for maybe 10 minutes straight. I will do 6 - 10 pulls ups or chin ups, then 10 - 20 dips. The body gets stronger and endurance is built up because I am barely resting. After 10 minutes of chins & dips, I'll go and knock out push ups ranging anywhere from 25 - 50 at a time, followed by 1 minute of jumping rope or some form of lower body work (walking lunges, squat jumps, split squat jumps). I will do this push up - jump rope circuit for 5 - 6 minutes and then after 15 minutes of total exercise I am done! Talk about an awesome work out! As always, my hand spacing and grip changes on pull ups, push ups and dips. Constantly add variation to your workouts to keep your muscles worked from all angles! I bet you if every wrestler on your team did this workout twice a week he / she would be in awesome shape. Problem is, many young athletes do not take strength training seriously. Wrestlers especially are not tuned in yet to the importance of strength training. Most wrestlers attend camps and clubs and leave out strength training. This can explain to the high incidence of injuries many wrestlers are attacked with.

Strength endurance with free weights is more advanced so this should be reserved for the athlete who has been working out for at least 1 year under the guidance of a qualified & experienced strength coach. An example of training for strength endurance would be if I took the barbell squat & I loaded the bar with 315 lbs. - I would do sets of 2 - 5 reps, rest 1 minute, and repeat - totaling 5 sets at first, then building up to 10 sets perhaps for future workouts! Very advanced lifters will do even more sets! The lower reps require extra volume in sets to have the desired effect.

Notice how I always emphasize variety & experimentation. I much prefer you see what works best for you. Young athletes are all so different, some kids are age 14 but look 18, and vice versa. This will change the way they train. A young athlete can improve athletic performance on almost any strength training program b/s it is a new stimulus! After some time training through, the program should be solid and well planned.

For the high school athlete, I am not a big fan of training below 5 reps with free weights. You can still become strong by doing sets of 5. So remember, there is NO REASON FOR YOU TO MAX OUT ON 1 OR 2 REPS. YOUNG ATHLETES SHOULD DOAT LEAST 5 REPS IN FREE WEIGHT EXERCISES. Notice I said free weight exercises. Body weight exercises might be different. Pull ups you may only be able to do 1 or 2 reps. No problem, that is a body weight exercise and is not dangerous to do low reps. Free weights add extra load to your body, so do not max out. It does nothing for wrestling! So, for bodyweight exercises, you are safe if doing reps below 5 if you can only accomplish that many reps. For free weights, choose a load that allows you to complete at least 5 reps. Perhaps experiment with 3 reps.

Training for power requires lower repetitions anywhere from 3 - 5 reps. As I keep mentioning, bodyweight exercises can get lower reps, free weights at least 5 reps due to the safety factor. Your sets will increase here and be around 4 sets per exercise. Rest longer in between power exercises (2 - 4 minutes), and at other times rest only long enough to allow your partner to do a set. I know that sounds like a lot of rest at times, but in order to develop power, we are looking for you to explode the weight or your body which means move it as fast as possible. The extra rest allows the central nervous system to recuperate adequately.

Power will mostly be achieved with moderate or light weights, or bodyweight exercises that are plyometric in nature. If the weight is TOO heavy you will not be able to move it quickly enough. When you get to the exercise photo / description portion of the manual, you will see exercises with body weight and free weights that lend themselves towards power development. Referring to the DVD, The Ultimate Guide to Sport Specific Training will give you the visual you need to see exactly how these exercises are performed. Some of my favorites are plyo push ups, jump squats & their variations, medicine ball throws & tosses and light weight free weight exercises with higher speed. The DVD allows you to see the exercises in real life, and of course I prefer you to see them that way.

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