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This is going to be great fun! This is the time where you get to create your own training area, whether it is a room, a basement, a garage or a section of your house this is where you let your own world be created!

To determine the space you need, you want a non - cluttered open area. Choose an area that will be free of distractions as well as a place that you can train in year round.

So if you do not have heat in your garage you can forget that idea! Trust me, I tried using those little space heaters and they do not work well enough to heat a room. It was mid December and my garage must have been low 30's! Steam was rising off of my face and eventually I got sick! You also want an area that has a high enough ceiling for you to do chin ups and pull ups & overhead dumbbell presses with out hitting your head or the dumbbells on the ceiling.

When I first made my gym, I moved stuff from my Dad's garage and squeezed an open space in what was once a crowded and messy garage. Regardless, I was overly excited to start something that I could call my own. I was tired of training at gyms that played lousy music and the members talked more than they trained. I need my own world. A place where limits were endless and sweating was a good thing. Loud music was something I wanted so I bought a stereo from Best Buy that ran me 65 $. You may already have a CD player so bring that into your training area.

I bought a few motivational posters of wrestlers and hung them up. The equipment I have is more than what you will need, but never the less, I snagged plenty of bargains by looking in the right places. And you are going to do the same!

Let's take a look at some of the equipment I recommend and then, it's all up to you. If you want to purchase the stuff, go for it. Or, you can simply make your entire strength and conditioning routine revolve around the body weight calisthenics shown in the training manual & the DVD.

One thing I would like to see you purchase is a stability ball. If you plan to be using heavy weights then you purchase a burst resistant stability ball. This ball allows you to work your core during every exercise which is a key factor in improving your wrestling performance. The large variety of exercises you can do with the ball are endless. In addition, you can do the exercises with body weight or with free weights. Use the ball and do not feel bad to avoid using the benches. You should not use the flat barbell bench press too often anyway. As mentioned before, they are not very functional for wrestling because a wrestler will never lay still or flat. In addition, the fixed hand position on a barbell places undue stress on the shoulders. So use the exercise moderately.

The environment we compete / train in is unpredictable and dynamic. Not only does a stability ball make sense to use for your program, they are scientifically proven to be more effective because they activate the nervous system more! In addition to the unstable movements, you will be working more muscles during each exercise, especially stabilizer muscles. These are the small muscles that keep joints and ligaments in place and make you less prone to injury. This is a key factor when performing any exercise because as wrestlers many injuries occur to the joints (knees & shoulders). You want to choose the exercise(s) that gives the highest benefit to you and our sport. In addition, when choosing exercises for your workout program, you do not want too many isolation exercises. The majority of your workout should comprise around compound / complex lifts. These are lifts that use more than one muscle to complete a lift. Examples are dead lifts, barbell rows, DB chest presses, all Russian Kettlebell moves, pull ups and dips. Isolation exercises are good if you need to address certain weak areas. Compound moves can make it difficult to address weak muscles since they work a variety of muscles at once.

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