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On these days, you choose your first exercise to be the most important exercise of that day, and the heaviest. This exercise will probably be a dead lift, some form of the bench press, barbell squats (if you have access to a squat rack), Romanian Dead Lifts (RDL's). You would perform sets of 5 - 6 reps on this first exercise. Shooting for heavy weights as well, but still having 1 or 2 reps left in the bank. After the focus exercise, you would follow with supplementary exercises (bodybuilding exercises).

Here is a list of a few supplementary exercises:

• Parallel bar dips

• Close grip bench press

• Lying tricep XT using DB's, or barbell (straight or curl bar)

• Side or bent over lateral raises

• Forward lunges

• Reverse lunges

• Lying leg curls using a dumbbell

• Leg raises for abdominals

• Bent over laterals (rear deltoid exercise)

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