No Rules Strength Training

These are some of my favorite workouts. I call them "No Rules" b/c I set no limits on the sets, reps, rest patterns, exercise selection, frequency of training, etc I am sure you get the idea by now. I have emphasized variety often times in this manual & this certainly applies to variety. Why else do I like No Rules training? It keeps training fresh & entices the athlete to want more. The total time of these training sessions often last 10 - 30 minutes.

These workouts lend themselves very well for wrestlers b/c they aid in the development of strength endurance & power endurance. To make things easier to understand, let's jump in & talk shop. I might decide to use the double kettlebell clean, squat & push press. This can also be done one arm at a time. I will choose a moderately heavy weight, and do 2, maybe 3 reps. Put the weights down, rest approximately 30 seconds and repeat the same exercise for a total of 10 minutes, maybe even 20 minutes! Every minute my goal is to perform 2 or 3 reps. Your rest will obviously have to stay short to ensure you complete 2 or 3 reps every minute. After accomplishing your time goal, you can either finish the workout right then & there, or perform perhaps one or two exercises. An example here would be to go and do 5 non stop supersets of pull ups and dips for max reps. Or, I might perform 5 minutes of non stop sled rowing & pressing, alternating movements after doing 8 reps per set.

You can choose the reps to be 1 per set on your "main" exercise or up to 5 per set. I prefer lower reps here b/c I will go for an extended time period. Another idea might be to keep doing pull ups and chin ups until I have completed a total of 50 reps. Finish right then & there or maybe follow this up with farmer carry holding heavy dumbbells or pushing a heavy wheel barrow for 10 minutes w/some short rest to regain grip strength and catch your breath.

These workouts can be repeated for a few days or you might want to follow "No Rules" workouts for 5 days in a row, creating a new workout every day. Make sure each workout is short in duration to keep you mentally & physically feeling the urge to do more. A long work out is not a better workout. We want a healthy combination of quality & quantity.

As you can see, "No Rules" strength training can be very creative and can be done in a large variety of ways. Setting rules for a workout can cause mental limitations that lead to physical limitations. I spoke to a college strength coach and he told me about how he had some of his football players perform 50 sets of 2 reps of the hang clean using a heavy weight. This had to be done in 50 minutes (1 set per minute)! They were not done just yet though! After that they would perform 3 sets of sled pushing using a heavy weight, somewhere around 260 lbs. This weight was chosen b/c it was the average weight of a D 1 lineman! Talk about a tough workout!

Do you need to do 50 sets? No, but, you can create your own crazy workouts that are fun and challenging and will surely lead to gains in performance! I remember that when I would travel to my Grandparent's & spend 1 month with them during the summer, there was no gym in site. Every other day I went to the playground & did anywhere from 15 - 20 sets of pull ups and chin ups. In high school I was able to crank out 30 pull ups in perfect form even when I weighed 160 lbs.

Create a few of these 'No Rules" workouts and do this at least one each week. Make sure that they are different in nature. Perhaps one workout revolves around Russian Kettlebells, another workout might revolve around sled training and another revolves around bodyweight exercises. I like to leave room for my athletes to be creative enough to do some training on their own as opposed to having me dictate every single workout and exercise selection for them.

As a coach, we do not want to run our athletes into the ground b/c this will make training a tedious task for them. Make it enjoyable, and this means finding the right balance between difficulty, duration and exercise selection so that each workout is fun for them. Remember, we want longevity with our athletes. We want them to come back and improve on a regular basis!

Spartans Routine

Spartans Routine

Fitness is the biggest issue of todays society because technology has improvised our lives so much that people do not move a lot and this lazy working routine and tiring mind works make people unfit physically.

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