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Here are just a few workouts for you to follow. I will tell you this much though, that NO program is the end all be all secret recipe for success. These workouts are going to help you towards the higher steps on the ladder of success. There are other programs as well though. Programs that I hope you are creative enough and dedicated enough to construct on your own. In addition, do your own research and learn about proper strength training methods & philosophies. This will require time on your part as well as trial & error. Be sure to consult with your primary physician before participating in this or any other exercise program.

After you purchase this manual please feel free to contact me via e mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding the program. I am expecting you to train two or three times a week plus extra GPP work, and as mentioned before, listen to your body!

Also, the number of set & reps will vary according to your individual ability as I have mentioned before. Understanding this factor, you must tailor the reps & sets to your needs and to your daily strength levels. If you feel strong, rest less and go heavier. If you feel tired that day you should focus on bodyweight exercises only and give your body a less intense workout or do some GPP work. Or, take advantage of active recovery or a complete day off. Every 6 weeks or so you need to take 3 or 4 days off completely to let your mind and body recover. This mini vacation also helps you progress faster. Remember, rest is a key portion of a solid strength training program.

Wrestling and all the training that coincides with being a top notch wrestler requires year round training. This training needs to be smart. You can work harder than everyone else but you must also train smarter. Rest & nutrition is part of the total strength and conditioning regimen. A crucial part might I add. Leave out the rest and nutrition portion of your program and you will have less than mediocre results at best!

Regarding variety, this is key in many ways. Vary the sets, reps, and weights. In addition, you can vary the speed of the movement, the grip / placement of your hands, feet and overall body as well. So when you see the exercise chin ups, pull ups, push ups, etc. take initiative and vary your exercise on your own.

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