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How To Develop A Perfect Body

I conclude this book on fitness and body shaping with a chapter l have never seen in a fitness book. Meditation. I don't believe you can have a perfect body if you are a perfect fool or have a messed up mind. You can't achieve the results you want in your program if you can't concentrate on the muscles when exercising or can't stay on your diet. So I show you some techniques of meditation that can help you to achieve a better understanding of your mind and your body and how they are related to each other in your total fitness program.

Game Rule Information

Surge (Ex) As a free action you can focus your mind and body to enter a natural state of perfect coordination, resulting in a surge of speed-increasing adrenaline. Your base speed increases by +20ft. (up to a maximum of 50ft.), you gain a +2 haste bonus to AC, and your attack roll penalties when using flurry of blows or lightning flurry are reduced by one. These bonuses last for up to three rounds plus your Constitution bonus, if any. After the surge is over, you lose these bonuses and are Dragon's Scale (Ex) You have trained your mind and body to defend against any threat. You gain a +1 bonus to all of your saving throws. To take this martial secret, you must have one of the following feats Great Fortitude, Iron Will, or Lightning Reflexes.

Amazing Secrets Of The Martial Arts Masters

Too many coaches and players lose points, games and get ulcers player who cant make a shot because he is so nervous and anxiety ridden, the player who jumps off sides several times or who starts fights for the slightest provocation.) The problem with these people is that they have lost control of their body by letting their mind become confused and disoriented . Your mind cannot think of two things at once and do a good job on either one. You must have a calm mind if you want to make the shot, or to think the play out. Your mind t ells and directs your muscles to perform as they have been conditioned but if your mind is racing between being upset and making the shot, your mind cannot distinguish between a vividly imagined event and an actual

The Law Varies from Dimension to Dimension

In the past many qigong masters stated that qigong was divided into what was elementary, intermediate and advanced. They all belong to qi, something staying in the phase of exercising qi, which was also divided into the elementary, intermediate and advanced. As for what is really advanced, the broad masses of qigong practitioners are quite ignorant of it, and do not know it at all. What I am going to lecture about from now on is all about the Law in the high dimension. Besides, I would like to rehabilitate the reputation of cultivation. In my lectures, I am going to speak of the unhealthy phenomena in the world of cultivation, and how to look at and deal with them. I also intend to make clear such things as those quite big and even very serious issues involved in lecturing on the Law and teaching the practice exercise of the high order. I also want to disclose the interference in our ordinary human society from other spaces, especially the interference in the world of cultivation. At...

Reaction And Its Importance

Your reaction will depend a lot on your own personal programming and will improve as you work at it. Remember that 1 said that self defence is an attitude Well, as you become more aware of what is happening around you, your alertness will be honed. You will be preparing yourself for potential danger. Imagine what you would do if the guy walking towards you were a threat. Picture the situation in your mind and see yourself reacting instantaneously.

Alleviating depression

Have you noticed that after a meal you often feel tired and sleepy This is because most of the energy in your body goes to your stomach to digest the food. As a result your brain loses energy, your mind is not as clear, and you feel sleepy. The same is true of what we drink. Only pure water is absorbed directly from other liquids, such as supermarket soft drinks and alcohol, the body has to separate out the beneficial elements and eliminate the negative ones. Even something healthy like fresh fruit juice cannot be absorbed directly to become part of us. So whenever we eat or drink, we need to use our energy our Qi. However, if you meditate before going to bed, you will be in a relaxed state. In meditation there are two kinds of images created by the mind. The first will take our energy and affect our state of calmness and balance these are called distracting thoughts, for example thoughts about your work, your family, your plans etc. The others come naturally, and you might see...

Breathing And Relaxing

Over the centuries various techniques have been developed to help people calm their minds. Some methods advise you to concentrate your mind on one point or to follow the rise and fall of your breathing without allowing yourself to be distracted. Other meditational systems are based on repeating a word or phrase so that your mind comes to focus solely on that activity and slowly lets go of other preoccupations. Because of the tremendous mental effort they require, these systems often increase the level of tension in both the body and the mind. Many of them focus exclusively on the mental aspect and neglect the rest of the human organism. In Zhan Zhuang training, the aim is to train your mind and body at the same time. The training includes what the Chinese call mentality exercises - using the efforts of your mind to relax the muscles in your body. Like other systems, this takes a lot of care initially but in the end, your Chi will flow through a relaxed body that is synchronized with a...

Inner and Outer Strength

Man perceives reality as a filtered reflection in the pool of his subconscious mind. Ripples of annoyance, the wind of imagination, and waves of emotion often disturb this pool. All of which distort the perception of reality. The goal of meditation is to calm the waters of this pool, so that the student can see himself and the world clearly.

Looking At The Physical

All the skills in the world will not help you if you are unhealthy. And that applies as much to the body as it docs to the mind. If your body is honed and prepared then all your reactions and reflexes will be quicker. If your mind is active and thinking positively then your whole approach, attitude and even body language are working for you. Breathe slowly and deeply, and don't breathe through your mouth, only through your nose. Be conscious of using your diaphragm and not your chest both to inhale and exhale. Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart and parallel to one another and let your arms hang down loosely. Keep relaxed. Concentrate just on breathing and if your mind wanders then make it focus just on breathing again. This might take a bit of getting used to, because the mind tends to do its own thing unless you really concentrate. Just keep at it until you have the hang of it. Now exhale completely, through your nose, making sure you use your diaphragm.

Why Doesnt Your Cultivation Energy Increase When You Do Cultivation

Tell you that, in truth, they are the same. When doing research on the science of human bodies, scientists now believe that the thoughts the brain gives out are exactly matter. While it is something material, isn't it also something spiritual then Are matter and spirit identical The same is true of the cosmos I have talked about, which exists in the form of matter, and exists with its fundamental qualities at the same time. Of the fundamental qualities, Zhen Shan Ren of the cosmos, ordinary people cannot feel their existence because they stay on the plane of this one dimension as a whole. If you go beyond the dimension of ordinary people, you will be able to feel them. How All matter in the universe, including all matter filling the whole universe, are entities of intelligence. They all can think, and they are all existing forms of the cosmic Law in various dimensions. They do not allow you to rise to a higher dimension, and even if you want to go up, you just cannot because they do...

Stomach Breathing or KI Storing

Stomach Breathing The purpose of this exercise is to store your KI in your body. What you should be thinking when you are doing this exercise is that you are storing KI power in your body and this power will be used to prevent your injuries. While you are practicing the breathing, keep thinking in your mind that you are

The Importance Of The Breath

With no air in your longs, hold your breath. Be conscious of what is happening in your body. You will notice great pain almost immediately, but you will also notice that your mind is starting to worry. It's probably saying something like Okay, let's breathe. As you continue to hold your breath, your mind will completely shut off all other voluntary activity and, in fact, not notice anything else in the world but the fact that you are not getting any air. After only a minute or less, your mind is literally shut down it is paying sole and complete attention to a SINGLE THOUGHT Where's my air This shut down is absolute. It doesn't matter if you have tremendous money problems, a broken heart and ulcers besides. You can be bleeding from severed fingers on a broken arm while negotiating with the IRS over ownership of your home, but your mind will have only one thought Where's my air Now breathe. As you take your first breath, I want you to notice how you feel. You will likely feel calm now...

Another Meaning Of Stahara

The word guts then, scientifically analyzed, combines both the idea of putting the strength and weight of your body into any given blow and the idea of putting all your mind and will and soul into any given movement. The same idea inspired Shakespeare when he wrote the above quotation in classical English, and the bayonet men when they punctuated their instructions with a phrase which many will term vulgar, and which at best is slang. What Shakespeare and the bayonet instructors dimly visualized this course teaches as a specific principle. The knack of putting your guts into it can be learnt, separate and distinct from anything else, and once acquired can be applied to anything.

Total Triceps Training

That's all there is to it -- but it's easier said than done. Heavy barbell rows are brutal. They not only demand a lot physically, they require extreme concentration in order to derive ultimate benefit and prevent injury. They aren't a knock out a few sets and get it over with exercise by any means They're the real deal. And when you set your mind and motivation toward making them the main movement in your back workouts, you're going to see some drastic changes. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that all you need for a great back are chins and barbell rows. Everything else is just fluff.

Exercise Two Slowing the Thoughts

In this exercise, we will learn how to slow down our mind, allowing us to train the mind to pay attention to one thought. We will do this by controlling its activity using the breath to keep it focused on one thought. You may feel heat or pain during this exercise, but it will be slight, and the rewards are great. You will actually be dominating your mind with one thought for a prolonged period of time. The result of this is that your mind will become trained to being dominated by our will and to paying attention whenever we want it to. At some point during the exercise you will feel heat and pressure. You will also feel what it feels like to be in control of your mind and breathing, you thoughts will be calm. This is the moment to start to do things which you want to accomplish as you are now controlling your mind. When you have done this exercise for a few weeks, your mind is like a child caught playing hooky. It know that now the will has arrived and it is time to pay attention. We...

Beginning Mind Control

To begin with let us define the term mind control as we mean to use it. Mind control is the conscious ability to concentrate the mind toward a specific goal or on a specific muscle, with such determination and persistence that nothing will stop you or break your concentration. It is not a magical power to make you superman, or to move objects, change your life or personality. It is your will exercising itself on your conscious and subconscious mind to will it or make it perform and concentrate towards one specific object or idea. The purposes of these exercises are to begin to exert the will on the mind and to begin to let the mind become more powerful in its ability to concentrate. When you are able to truly concentrate the power of the mind on the muscles of your body, the results can often be spectacular and serve not only as reinforcement to you of the power of the mind, but as convinces your muscles of the power the mind has over them. After all, your mind really controls the use...

Exercise Three Storing our KI

If you skip exercises or rush through them too quickly because you don't understand why you are doing them and they seem silly and pointless, you will not get results from this book. In fact, you would need to read this chapter again because you are still letting your mind control your will. If you want results from this book or in your life generally, you have to learn to let your will control your mind. You cannot do that consistently without controlling and storing your KI. Once you have done that by perfecting the steps outlined here, you will no longer need the steps. Your mind will be trained as well as Pavlov's dogs that when you alter your breathing, it is time to pay impeccable attention, to become single minded. 1. look inwardly at your state of mind before any thought arises. 2. when any thought does rise, cut it off and bring your mind back to the work. 5. try to put your mind into a state as though you had just been shocked. meditate as frequently as possible. When...

Filling Energy into the Top of the Head

We have given everyone so many things. I shall treat as my disciples all those who cultivate themselves indeed and strictly follow the Great Law. As long as you practise Falun Dafa, we shall treat you and give you guidance as disciples. If you do not want to cultivate, we will not be able to do anything for you. What will you carry that name for if you do not want to cultivate It does not matter whether you are from the first session or the second session. How can you become our practitioners by just practising the exercise Only by genuinely following our Xinxing standard to cultivate can you keep a healthy body and genuinely make progress towards the high dimensions. Therefore, we do not practise these formalities. As long as you cultivate yourself, you will become practitioners of our school. My Law body knows everything. He knows everything on your mind, and can do anything. He will not take care of you if you do not cultivate yourself, and he will help you all the way through if...

Taking A Shot in The Ribs

If you are being punched in the floating ribs, (the area located at the sides of the abdominal muscles), you must lean forward, crunch down on the stomach and rib cage and into the blow. The stomach muscles play an important part in this KI and to fully get them tightened, and the ribs tightened, you must let your breath out at the point of impact as well as concentrate your mind.

Questions And Answers On KI

Practice in progressive steps using only positive reinforcement, start out with a tap, and only build up the power of the hits a very little at a time, as your technique progresses and your mind and body become stronger and more confident. So always use a partner that wants to help you learn, not one that wants to see you get hurt. A. Do not try to do KI when you have been drinking. Alcohol deludes one into thinking he has more power than he really has never when on drugs or after eating - wait at least an hour and do not try it just as you wake up, wait until you are fully awake and your mind is very clear. Also if you ever feel like you don't want to get hit, or just don't have any KI that day, then you are right and you should not

Baguazhang the Future

The internal styles are internal because one 'owns' the style. It is not a case of taking some movements and then putting those movements onto one's body. It is a case of the forms changing to suit every body shape and so everyone will do the forms slightly differently. When we are attacked, we do not say that you must use this or that technique. You must simply react with whatever technique or 'non-technique' that your subconscious mind says to use. If we're forced to do the physical forms exactly the same way that some dead master dictated, then we have nothing more than a karate type kata where every movement has to be exactly the same as it was founded.

Desire to Show Off iLpfrBi

I have pointed out this issue to tell you that once such a person appears, do not regard him as a great enlightened being. This is a very serious matter for the cultivation. It can be the right way only by acting according to this Great Law. Do not follow and listen to him because he has supernormal capabilities, or supernatural powers, or he has seen something. You will do harm to him as he would develop the attachment of complacency, and end up losing everything and having everything shut up. In the end, he will drop all the way to the bottom. With supernormal capabilities opened, a person could also drop down. If he cannot conduct himself properly after he is enlightened, he could also drop down. Even a Buddha could drop down if he cannot conduct himself properly, not to mention a practitioner like you among ordinary people Therefore, you must conduct yourself well no matter how many supernormal capabilities you have or how mighty your supernormal capabilities or supernatural...

Practice and Actual

When fighting one of the enemy, you have to expect terrific resistance, as the man is fighting for his life if he is fighting an Arwr man. Keep two aspects of the art of Arwrology distinctly in your mind. You should practise slowly at first against a cooperating partner to prevent injury. You should fight with all the speed and alertness you can muster against the enemy. And when practising, remember that two taps from you or your partner demand immediate release from any hold.

Standing Like A Tree In Chinese Zhan Zhuang Is A Unique Chi Kung

Zhang Zhuang Tantien Hands

While there are said to be few, if any, martial arts systems more powerful than Da Cheng Chuan, you experience its enduring benefits as you go about your life and work. Your mind and body become exceptionally alert. Your mental and emotional faculties are refreshed. You experience greater resilience under pressure and recover more easily from illness and injury. As you practice the standing postures and movements in this book, your mind is free to roam and experience the thoughts and feelings passing through it. Keep your eyes and ears open to whatever is happening. You can listen to music, even watch television as you practice - flowing music and non-violent

Throw Your Hat In His Eyes

The above instructions will be so simple and obvious to some people that their inclusion here may seem superfluous. All people however are not equally gifted and there are some to whom this advice may be welcome. Unless you discipline your mind by thinking along these lines in times of safety, the moment of danger may find you unprepared.

The Unification of Faith s sraddha and Wisdom s prajna

Although some intellectuals possess a vast knowledge of Buddhism, and have strong reasoning ability, they commonly lack faith in Buddhism. Therefore, Dharma can not take firm root and grow in their hearts. Because of this, Dharma cannot really benefit them. Studying Buddhism in this barren manner contradicts the teaching of Buddhism because the Buddhist way of life necessarily contains the element of faith. When we have confidence, we will be able to purify our minds and free them from defilements i.e. greed (s. raga), hatred (s. pratigha) and ego-conceptualization (s. atmamana). Confidence is like an alum it purifies muddy water. Similarly, a strong faith will purify your mind. The reality of life is full of distress and misery, but faith can transform a mental state of emptiness and anguish into joy, peace, calm and contentment. This is like an

Removal Of Pain Avoidance Of Pain

Take a deep breath and tighten the muscles that have been hurt. Now hold your breath while directing your mind to send your breath to the area that is hurt. (Of course you can't send air to the area, only suggest to your mind that you are sending your breath with its healing properties to the injured area.) 2. Make circles, pointing away from the heart, around the affected area, not on the affected area. Rub around it about 5-10 times then mentally take the pain into your finger tips and throw it away with a flick of your fingers - away from the body. (You can't actually throw away the pain, but you can give your mind and your body the autosuggestion that you are throwing away the pain.) 3. Forget that you are injured and pay no more attention to any pain that may still be coming to the brain. Begin to concentrate very hard on the task or game at hand. Do not let the mind wander to the sensation of pain. Forget it, do not notice it. (Just like a man that works in a noisy factory...

Preparation for Walking the Circle

To prepare for circle walking practice, or beginning the form, stand facing the east in a natural stance with your left shoulder toward the center and your feet straddling the line of the circle. Your shoulders should be relaxed with your arms hanging naturally and the palms facing the legs. The body should be upright, the spine erect, and the eyes gazing at the tip of the nose. (Don't gaze at your nose so hard that you cross your eyes.) Your mind should be empty with no conscious thoughts. This position is called the WuJi(J& Stance. Wu Ji literally means, without form. Philosophically, it refers to a mind completely devoid of thoughts or desires. Stay in this stance a few moments to clear your head and relax.

Changing Class Abilities

Feat Substitution This is probably the easiest way to customize your monk, and the most recommended. Substitute a feat from the martial artist's bonus feat list, if you meet the prerequisites for it, for any one of the following feats or abilities Deflect Arrows, Improved Trip, improved evasion, abundant step, diamond soul, quivering palm, or empty body. The choice is made when the ability would have been gained, and you may not change your mind later.

Small Circle Push Hands and selfdefence

Most people think about self-defence in push hands when it is too late. I.e., when they are already performing the attacking moves. However, self-defence happens long before this at the defensive move. Your MIND will recognise sub-consciously the defensive move when the attacker has just begun to attack. I.e. when he is moving from a yin state to a yang state. That is when you will defend yourself. You do not wait until he is fully yang and strong, you get him when he is weak. So, in our small circle push hands we defend when we are in the following position as in (Photo No.128). Now, we are able to defend with a powerful 'hinge' move. (Photo No.129). No matter how big the attacker is, if you have the correct timing, you will defeat him, or the disease. However, if you wait until a short time later and he is very strong, you will be pushed

Holding a circle sitting on a chair

SIT forwards on the edge of a chair letting the air pass across your back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep the knees and toes vertically in line as this helps the circulation in the legs. With your back straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and your mouth (keep the tip of your tongue touching between the upper palate and the root of the teeth -if you close your mouth, everything should be in the correct position). Hold your hands in front of the Dantien, left hand on top for men and right hand on top for women (this is because the Qi flows differently for men and women), with the thumbs touching as if you were holding a small ball. Totally relax your body and choose one of the concentration methods. Then bring your mind to your Dantien and finally forget everything. (This exercise can also be done sitting in the lotus position.)

How To Develop Subconscious Stahara Control

At first you will have to think hard of your balance and your Stahara, but after a few practices you will keep your balance without having to think so hard, you will also find that you have more control of the Stahara. That means that your subconscious mind is learning to take care of these operations leaving the active mind free to attend to the details of the new tricks.

Appendix G Gassho Meditation

This technique is a good all round exercise that re-aligns your mind into a calm collective experience prior to a healing session. The more you practise this technique you body will eventually get acustomed to getting into this deep meditive state, as soon as your practis Gassho (putting your hands in front of your chest etc in a praying style). If you begin to have thoughts in your mind, that's OK, just witness them and let them pass away and simply return to the point where your middle fingers meet.

Hot Shower a Cold Shower

COLD SHOWER This is where the extraordinary power of your mind comes in to play again. Imagine that you are standing motionless under a torrent of rushing cold water. It beats on you, pouring over every inch of your flesh. All your sensations are suddenly transformed by the rush of this cold shower. Stand in it, stay low, and try to hold this position for several minutes.

Hidden Masters Spirit Helpers

You may decide beforehand what type of advisor you desire, and prepare sketches or descriptive poetry, all of which enhance the experience. But in the end, it is the subconscious mind that determines the form you will perceive. If it matches or is similar to your preconceived image, then you already possess significant personal insight and self-knowledge. If not, then the high self will most often be the counterpoint of the child facet of your personality, thereby balancing the Yin and Yang in the adult self which must function in the real world.

By Jerry Alan Johnson

The element Dui represents metal and correlates to a lake. In terms of physical manifestation, it becomes the monkey, which has the greatest agility of all the animals. The monkey is crafty and deceptive and his techniques are quick. The monkey has the ability to shrink and leap from one tree to another. The emotions of the Monkey are excitement and surprise.

Developing Joriki Your Power of Concentration in Action

It has nothing to do with muscle and brawn. It's not visible to the eye. Read the maxim again and notice that it was the archer's mind that pierced the boulder. Focus your mind on whatever you're doing, from letting arrows fly to doing business or living at the gut level, and your arrows will penetrate. Whatever you thought of, you will handle it best when like that archer you focus your mind on it 100percent, excluding everything else. Writing a report, conducting a meeting, pursuing your bottom-line life goals, solving a personal or business problem, making more money, selling a product, out-competing the competition, crossing swords with a dreaded enemy, sinking a putt . . . these are just a few sample tasks, a few stones that are ready for piercing. Give your mind a sobriety test. Just sit back and listen to your thoughts. Unless you're already a high joriki concentrator you'll probably notice that your mind bounces drunkenly from one thing to...

Gao Liu De shown above taught Tim Wang Xiang Zhais Yi Quan method and Xing Yi Quan

Hsing Internal Power Exercise

Different teachers and got different ideas, I came to understand more and more about being able to generate power without effort and not opposing force with force. I think the keys are relaxation, correct anatomical alignment and using your mind to lead the movement of your body. A lot of people will learn martial arts for health. Although learning a martial arts does not necessarily mean you are going to go out and fight, I am dead set against people who modify martial arts or martial arts training for health. The health benefits of martial arts training are the side effects of training for combat efficiency. When you use the body in the most efficient and natural manner, coordinate your mind and body, and learn how to breath correctly, it naturally gives you the most power for martial arts. When you try to alter the original martial art into some kind of health practice, I think you are going to invariably detract from the system's health building potential.

Advanced Circle Walking Training to Fight

Sb2c John Montgomery

When training to fight you always imagine that your opponent is much bigger, much stronger, and at a much higher skill level than you are. You also must respect Murphy and consider that what can go wrong, will go wrong. Your mind must stay one step ahead of your body at all times, you use your listening skill and as soon as you feel how the opponent is reacting to your initial attack, you immediately change appropriately and continue attacking. The art of Ba Gua is philosophically rooted in the concept of change and physically rooted in the footwork and single palm change. Being able to change directions rapidly with balance, stability, and power is the important part of Ba Gua's use of the circle walk practice in fighting. Therefore, advanced circle walk training is focused on training these components.

Meditations for Becoming Enlightened

If you have not mastered the simple techniques of basic meditation, you haven't a prayer of attaining your goal of becoming a complete human being or tatsujin. Tat refers to the void and sujin could be a water spirit. It does not matter what your religious background is, or for that matter whether you are religious at all, as the practice of meditation can deepen beliefs or eradicate them depending on the individual. Hatsumi recommends Americans attend the church of their choice. Religion is concerned with worship this process is concerned with becoming. They are very different. What is important is learning how to discipline your mind and body so that energy may flow through you in the most beneficially natural as well as efficient manner. Meditation or mind-fulness should become so natural to you that you don't have to close your eyes but can drive your car, walk about, make love, or win a fight without breaking your concentration or composure. Eventually you'll attain mushin...

Teaching Esoteric Strategy at the College Level

It's not the techniques but how you teach them, the meditation, the strategy, sharing your thoughts and feelings. That's what's important You always tell me the truth. You never bullshit. Most of the professors here are so full of themselves and their subjects, you can't really learn from them. You

How did your originally meet Xu Hong Ji

Master Hong Yixiang

Once a person understands that it is not so bad to hit someone, or break their face, or to get knocked out, or whatever happens after that, you can begin to clear your mind and relax your heart so that you can then begin to study the internal arts. Up until that time you can't do it because you are scared all the time and you cannot fight. So, we had to go through that. It was good for individuals based on their nature, disposition, personality, and their background, and he would modify the training for everybody. As you moved up through the ranks, and he had a belt system -white, green, brown, and black - there were certain programs you would have had to have learned and become proficient at.

Lifting heavy weights

Vieux Croquis Erotiques

Before you move, be clear in your mind about the direction of your movement, then move. Your mind should move first. COMPLETE THE MOVEMENT It is essential to breathe in as you lift and to complete the lift fully before making any other movement. A lot of back injuries are caused by people moving sideways or at an angle while they are still lifting, or by merging the end of the upward movement with the beginning of the next movement. This can place great strain on the spine and cause dislocation. Be sure to complete the lift fully, and allow your mind to settle, before going on to your next movement.

Introduction Theoretical Fundamentals

Sluice Shutter Weighing 1000 Jin

When executing exercises from 72 Arts, the main point is peace of mind and concentration. It is necessary to give up extraneous thoughts, not allow an outside evil (distracting factors) intrude (into your mind), and shun inner (thoughts). The method of treatment of internal organs consists in harmonizing them. Then the sick will cure his disease and the healthy will make his body and nervous system stronger. The heart should be pure, it is necessary to foster high moral qualities, it is necessary to form clearness of purpose. If after that you engage in GONG FU, you will get excellent results.

Max Range Of A Shuriken Real Life

Saito Morihiro Negishi Ryu

Shuriken training is the perfect vehicle for such mental processes to be experimented with. Because the basic movement of the throw is such a simple and gross utilization of the body, and the ability to achieve a high level of accuracy depends upon a great deal of refinement of this physical process, the influence of the mental state over the body is easily observed in this movement. If your mind is unsettled, distracted or unfocussed, the effects of this can immediately be seen in the results of your physical movement, in this case, the shuriken's strike of the target. To be able to consistently throw accurate and controlled blades, not only must one have mastered the technical aspects of the physical movement, one must also be able to relax, settle the breathing from the chest down to the abdomen, empty their mind of thoughts and desires, focus their attention on the center, and develop a feeling of oneness and unity between their mind and the surroundings.

You Must Know How To Fall Correctly

Your present response to fear has been programmed into you. That means it can be programmed out. You just have to rewrite the programme. Parents, friends, circumstances from your childhood or youth taught you the reactions to danger that you probably think are just part of your character. Maybe when trouble looms you cower down and want to disappear. That is because you were conditioned into that response. It is not something that just happens naturally. Because you thought it was normal you have just accepted it. Now make up your mind to re-channel it. You were not born to panic, cower, run away or freeze in the face of trouble. What you were born with was a reaction to trouble that people and circumstances have conditioned you to channel into weakness and trembling. Now you need to learn how to channel it into the power and energy response. Your decision will determine how you respond to danger. Your decision will channel the surge of adrenaline into positive or negative reactions....

Weapon is an Extension of the Mind

Continuous Palm

We could extend this analogy quite easily to mean that the weapon is an extension of the mind. In classical internal martial arts theory, the mind play a very important role in all aspects of training, including weapons training. The mind is seen as more than just a recorder telling us which move comes next or a mechanism inputting visual signals. It actually shapes our experience or reality. The moment you begin to wield a weapon your mind automatically forms a concept of it, therefore, the mind is inseparable from your actions. training. These points are vital in setting a student up to excel in any weapons practice. The first element to be cultivated is naturalness. In the beginning, a weapon may feel awkward and the practitioner might be too conscious of the weapon itself, unable to feel anything except for robotic movements which lack grace and power. I suggest that along with learning the individual movements of the form, simply walk the circle with your weapon. Let go of any...

As a professor of Chinese Culture what is your opinion about the development and history of Pa Kua Chang

In the past, most of the students were not able to read or write. Ch'eng T'ing-Hua, Sung Chang-Jung, and Yin Fu were scholars. Most students learned and only copied their teachers. This isn't very good, there is no growth, development or creativity in the art. You follow your teachers and the instruction to develop a true foundation and understanding of Pa Kua. As you become older, you use your mind to understand Pa Kua. You may see something from another art or style that is beneficial and may help you develop. You try and study to adapt this to the Pa Kua principles, essence, and foundation. You don't change the basic Pa Kua but you let it grow and develop. Few people in the past used their mind this way.

The Balloon Fills with Water

Tai Chi Balloon

Until now you have been using your mind to help your muscles and nervous system relax while placing your muscles under increasing stress. This exercise takes you in a new direction it helps to focus the combined energy of your mind and body. PREPARATION STAGE Adopt the second position -Holding the Balloon (see p. 35). After you have worked through the basic breathing and relaxing exercises to ensure that your system is calm and centred (see pp. 44-47), apply your mind in a different way. volume of water, but do not move a muscle. If you start to tense up, use your mind to tell vour muscles to relax. When the balloon is full, continue standing silently, gently keeping the balloon in place. You will certainly feel the difference created by this mental exercise. Check for any tension in vour muscles.

We Often Become What We Believe

If you do not believe you can become the best, you never will. You must train your mind to believe in yourself. You must believe you can accomplish any task that you focus your energy towards. A Warrior can achieve anything his heart desires. Research has proven over and over again that we are more likely to succeed when we believe in our abilities. It is not a magical process, rather something that takes time. You do not gain confidence overnight. As you continue to train hard, you will notice adaptations in your body. You will gain muscle, lose fat, and increase stamina. By doing so, your mind will begin to believe in your newfound strength and power.

Your Natural Strength Protection

As you deepen your practice of Da Cheng Chuan, the energy surrounding you becomes stronger and extends further out from your body. It acts like a natural radar system. You become aware of possible dangers far earlier and further away from you than you did before. Your field of vision is broader and your mind becomes aware of obstacles before they are in full view.

Mike Bingo teaching pi quan form at the 1995 North American Tang Shou Tao instructors conference

Xu Hong Ji said that there were three prerequisites before you can learn kung fu. Number one, you have to have a teacher who is willing to teach. Number two, you have to be willing to work hard and practice. There is no magic pill, there are no secrets, you don't read it from a book. That is why there was no literature at the school to trouble your mind with someone else's ideas and verbiage. If you do not practice, you will never get it. And the last thing is that you have to be smart, you have to be a fox.

Holding the Balloon in Front of your Face the fifth position

Even after you have practised holding the first four Zhan Zhuang positions for some time, gradually increasing the duration as described, you will probably find this position extremely difficult to sustain. Many of your muscles will be almost certain to tense up and you may feel as if some are about to explode. You may well sweat profusely and begin to tremble (see Chapter 3). Don't use these initial sensations as an excuse for giving up. Use your mind to tell your muscles to relax and extend your endurance beyond the point of initial muscle exhaustion. Use the imaginary balloons to reduce tension and imagine, as before, that a strap around your neck is helping you hold your wrists in position (see p. 99).

Intoduction About Stret Fightin

It is important that you leam what il means to be aware and alert. Most people get mugged, raped or jumped because they were half asleep. By that I mean that most people do not seem alert. They don't notice what is going on around them - maybe because they think that if they ignore something ugly it will go away. That is not the case with thugs, punks and criminals. So I'm going to stress the importance of waking up your mind to your immediate surroundings. Self defence is an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of

Cheng said to remember this Pride will cause you harm while you will always benefit from humility

Sun Lu-T'ang was well known for his ability to do a tremendous amount of damage with a very light application. Once when he was pushing hands with a large, big boned student surnamed Li, the student became angry that Sun was so small yet could easily control him. He thought to himself, He is so much smaller that I am, if I smash him, he will surely go flying. The student tried to fa ching and Sun lightly diverted the force as if nothing had happened. Frustrated that he could not hit Sun, the student left. Several hours later the student returned and Sun was sitting at his desk writing. The student was sweating heavily and could barely speak. Sun said, When you were trying to hit me, I know what was on your mind. The student apologized and Sun said, You have suffered internal damage. Handing the student the paper he had written on he said, Take this prescription and go home and rest. The next day the student's entire arm was black.

The Benefits of Circle Walking Practice

While walking, the practitioner will maintain focused on an object such as a tree or pole which is placed at the circle's center. The breathing is smooth and relaxed and the practitioner may choose to repeat a mantra while walking as in the Daoist practice mentioned earlier in this article. This mantra does not need to be of religious significance, it can be as simple as repeating, in your mind, the number of times you have walked around the circle. It can be anything that will keep the mind from wandering.

Amazing Secrets Of The Martial Arts Masters Meditation For Mind Control

Meditation is an important part of the Martial Arts. So many schools only teach the physical parts of the arts, but the mental is at least 50 of the martial arts. If you can't control your mind. You can't control your body. You simply must have the ability to control your thoughts and mind, and your mental attitude. Or you will loose control in a fight, make the wrong move, panic or simply do nothing.

The Hands Tell the Story

Ing hand from either a yang to a yin or yin to a yang shape upon impact. This is the only way to issue Qi or to transfer bad Qi into the attacker. A dead hand is dead and void of any Qi transference. As he attacks, both hands (for now do it double weighted, i.e., both hands make contact at the same time), lift up and attack him on the inside of his forearms. (Photo No.99). Notice that I have not dragged my hands inward, I have done it exactly as in the form, keeping my hands out away from my body. There is an old Chinese saying protect your garden, do not let anyone in . So if you bring your palms in towards you, your 'garden' is smaller and you give yourself less of a chance in defence. You must have a feeling of going forward into the attacker, your mind does this, this will put forth Qi. Your palms are not tense, as this will block the Qi they are also not dead They are rather in a state of 'sung', alive with internal tension only, no external tension, only that which is necessary...

The Godan or Masters Test for a Ninja

A blind roll out of a sitting position when you are meditating is not an easy thing to do if you have not lowered your center. It is especially difficult if you have hardened your muscles and made rigid and unbending your mind. It is easier if you are really relaxed and your body is flexible enough to follow your head. If Hatsumi invites you to take the test, he uses a shinai. If you ask him, he uses a bokken (hard oak practice sword). I preferred not to be concussed or reduced to taking it with a helmet to protect my wounds. Some cf the failure stories are awful. I had waited three years for his invitation, and passing was second in significance only to going through the kundalini. It is both a great honor as well as a culmination of many years of preparation. But as they say on the boob box, Don't try this at home It could be hazardous to your health. The test has nothing to do with hearing, and as far as that goes I tend to be a bit deaf like most middle-agers with a taste for rock...

Set Goals For Yourself

These are examples of goals that you can set for yourself. It is not sufficient to contemplate these goals in your mind, rather you must write these goals down on paper. Hang them on your wall so that you can review and remind yourself each day. I have a list of goals posted on my wall as a daily reminder. By reminding myself, I become more focused in my training session. My training session has a purpose when I attach a specific goal to it.

What are the benefits

Person Staggering Drawing

The mind is more powerful than the eyes and the body. Wherever you want to go is limited, but your mind can go even beyond the universe wherever you imagine you can go. At the highest level of meditation you bring yourself to be nothing -called Wu Wai. Then you become one with the universe, you go back to your own natural orbit and to your own rhythm. At that stage illness, damage and any other problems will be cleared by your Qi.

The Method Instruction Adopted By Zen Masters

Do not shut your eyes, keep them always open during whole meditation. Do not breathe through the mouth press your tongue against the roof of the mouth, putting the upper lips and teeth together with the lower. Swell your abdomen so as to hold the breath in the belly breathe rhythmically through the nose, keeping a measured time for inspiration and expiration. Count for some time either the inspiring or the expiring breaths from one to ten, then beginning with one again. Concentrate your attention on your breaths going in and out as if you are the sentinel standing at the gate of the nostrils. If you do some mistake in counting, or be forgetful of the breath, it is evident that your mind is distracted. If you feel your mind distracted, look at the tip of the nose never lose sight of it for some time, or look at your own palm, and let not your mind go out of it, or gaze at one spot before you. This will greatly help you in restoring the equilibrium of your mind. Chwang Tsz thought that...

Conclusion To Volume

Being cool under pressure and panic situations is essential to survival. You mean it's possible when someone is out to rob or seriously maim you With practise and determination. yes. And no. it doesn't negate what I said earlier about fear. It is part of learning how to harness that fear. However, as I mentioned before when talking about fear. I point out again that earlier conditioning is responsible for most of what you think is natural reaction in you. Like for instance, losing your cool, panicking, freezing or going to pieces. You can leach yourself to keep control. You can rcprogramme your mind to stay calm and in control despite fear and despite the chaos of a panic situation The fact that there are even some professions that demand that kind of control in the face of crisis proves that it can be done For instance, paramedics, firemen. soldier*. police, riot control officers and so on. They have all learnt to stay in control. So it is a matter of mind and decision, not of...

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A As long as you regard yourself as a cultivator and follow the Xinxing (mind-nature) requirements that I have discussed, when you do not practice, not only does it not disappear, but it strengthens. Your energy potency will even continue to grow. But on the contrary, if you practice more often than anyone else, but fail to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Xinxing I require, I am afraid these practices would be a waste. Although you practice, it will not work. No matter what kind of practice system you do, if you do not do it according to the requirements, it is very probable that you are cultivating an evil practice. If you have only those bad things on your mind, thinking, How bad so-and-so is, I will fix him once I have developed capabilities, etc., even if you are learning Falun Gong, when you add these things into it and do not follow my Xinxing guidelines, aren't you practicing an evil practice, too

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

Meditation can help you to solve your problems. You may find, for instance, that when you are at work and need to make a difficult decision you just do not know what to do. Meditation can help you find the best answer, because it enables you to cast off all the stress and pressure of the situation so that your mind has more room to move and you can see the problem more clearly. We often panic, especially if we have lost something, and because we are too close to' the question we cannot see the answer. Stay away and forget it then the solution will come naturally. Through practising Qigong you do not just become physically healthy, but your mind and your emotions also become more stable. The Chinese say, 'Anything that happens on the inside shows on the outside.' We cannot hide ourselves by acting healthy and positive, because our real condition will always reveal itself. So the best thing to do is improve your health and achieve balance with nature. I have seen many people who were...

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

A One righteous mind will suppress a hundred evils. You received the Dafa today. From now on, even if the Futi brings you benefits, you should not accept it. When it brings you money, fame and personal gain, you feel very happy inside your heart, thinking See how capable I am, and you show off in front of people. When you do feel uncomfortable, you don't want to live with it and look for master to treat you. Then, how did you behave when it kept giving you good things We cannot take care of it for you because you have accepted all the benefits it has brought you. It is not acceptable if all you want to have is the benefit. Only when you don't want it, even the good things it brings, and continue to cultivate according to the method taught by master, and when you have become righteous and your mind is firm, will it then become fearful. If you further reject it when it tries to give you some benefits, then it is time for it to leave. If it stays on, it will be committing a wrong deed....

Beating the Heavenly Drum

Interlock the fingers, place the place on the back of the head, covering the ears. The fingers should touch the base of the skull. Place the thumbs below the ears. Gently apply pressure with the palms. Relax the shoulders. This will warm the ears and benefit the kidneys. If your mind is calm, you will feel the beat of your pulse. Breathe slowly and deeply without sound nine times. Think of each breath as water filling a glass. The air is drawn into the lower lungs first and fills them from bottom to top. When exhaling, let the air flow out of the upper lungs first. This draws the Oi to the seat of breathing the Hara or Tan T'ien, the One Point. This is the body's physical and spiritual center, located approximately two inches below the navel. You will know when you feel it. Continue to rest the hands on the back of the head. Beat the index fingers alternately against the base of the skull at ear level twenty four times. This stimulates the brain, prevents deafness, and helps one...

Cloud hands in horse stance

Practising this movement will enhance your co-ordination, improve your mind balance and alleviate insomnia and arthritis. Move like a floating cloud, in a very relaxed way, and let the hands follow your waist. The hands should complete their circles at the same time. Move gently and slowly and look at whichever hand is on top. Breathe naturally -the more you can relax the more you will breathe with the movements.

Characteristics of Falun Dafa

If you do not feel like going on with your cultivation, nobody can force you to, otherwise he as good as does evil. Who can make you change your mind You should make demands of yourself. You practise this qigong today and that one tomorrow, learning the strong points from all schools and accepting things of all others for the purpose of removing diseases. Did you manage to do so No, you did not. Your diseases have been put off until later. For the high dimensional cultivation, we teach the importance of being constant in one cultivation system. Whatever school you have decided to cultivate, you should concentrate on and put your heart into it until you have opened your cultivation energy and become enlightened in this school. Then you can change over to another cultivation system, which is a different set of things to cultivate. Because an integrated system of things which has truly passed on, was left behind after going through a considerably long period of time of the...

The Purpose for Practicing the Martial Arts

When you find a brilliant teacher, then you must totally empty your mind and heart in order to get the doctrine. Investigate it deeply. Be wary of other teachers. Correct instruction makes for practicing true martial arts. From of old, the arts are not easily transmitted. Therefore suspect the teachings of vagabonds. On the outside it is false. Receive instruction in the school of a famous person. Therefore the teacher will be able to correct what is wrong. You must not get upset if praise is seldom imparted. In practicing the art, it is proper first to get the correct series.

Improving Your Street Fighting Technique

Take your training seriously but enjoy it. When you begin to feel a little tired try focusing your mind on why you are training Remember that it is to protect yourself against thugs and you will find a new supply of energy (rom within. This technique works especially well if you have a mind's eye image of your attacker to keep punching.

Chi Kung Position Five

Tai Chi Self Defense

Throughout these exercises, your mind should be focused on the cycle of the breath and on the cyclical movements of energy around the body - rising up the spine, along the arms, or over the head and down the front of the body back to the Tcin Tien. And try to disregard any feelings of impatience or discomfort. Those who specialize in chi kung often hold these positions for ten or fifteen minutes at a time, though as an adjunct to tai chi practice, just a few minutes is quite sufficient. Remember, too, that you do not need to do all the exercises together in series. Just explore Try, therefore, to set aside a little time for yourself each day, ideally around ten to fifteen minutes if you can. Some people may protest that this is unfeasible, but really it only means getting out of bed a little earlier than usual, or perhaps finding a space in the even-ing or at lunch-time when you would be doing other things anyway. Ultimately, it all comes down to weighing up the advantages of various...

Practice Principles and Methods

A On this issue, you should think and decide for yourself. Taking medication during cultivation implies that you do not believe in the disease-curing effects of cultivation. If you believed in it, why would you take medication However, if you do not hold yourself up to the standards of Xinxing, once problems arise, you will say that you have been told by Li Hongzhi not to take medication. However, Li Hongzhi has also asked you to strictly hold yourself to high standards of Xinxing. Have you done it The things that exist in the body of true cultivators are not those of ordinary people. All of the illnesses that ordinary people get are not allowed to occur in your body. If your mind is in the right place and believes that cultivation can cure illnesses, if you stop your medication, do not worry about it and do not get treatments, someone will naturally cure it for you. All of you are getting better and feeling better everyday. Why is that My Fashen (law body) have been busy coming in...

Clear and Pure Mind

Some people can't achieve tranquility when they do qigong exercises, and so they search for a method. Some have asked me Master, why can't I become tranquil when I perform qigong exercises Can you teach me a method or technique so that I can become tranquil when I sit in meditation I ask, how can you become tranquil You still couldn't become tranquil even if a deity were to come teach you a method. Why The reason is that your own mind isn't clear and pure. Because you live amid this society, things such as various emotions and desires, self-interest, personal matters, and even the affairs of your friends and family come to occupy your mind too much and assume a high priority. How could you become tranquil when seated in meditation Even if you intentionally suppress them, they will still surface by themselves. approach, but a type of ability. You can try chanting if you don't believe it. I can promise you that other things will arise in your mind when you use your mouth to chant a...

Internal Pressure or Tension

You must 'feel' something in your hands. It is only a feeling that lets you know that internal tension or pressure is present. It does NOT manifest as physical tension. It is as if your hands are filling with something. Then as your mind sends the Qi out from your palms (PC 8, Pericardium 8 point or Laugung), you will feel something actually flowing out to infinity from your palms. mistake this for simply trying to build up big muscles This was not the reason because, actually, weighted arms when used too much will eventually build up all of the wrong muscles for attacking. We do not attack by lifting the arms straight up And this is what happens when we weight the arms. No, the reason was so that we could understand about internal tension. Do NOT use weighted arms to excess, only once per week is enough to learn what it has to teach you. This practice alerts your mind to the fact that you have internal tension, in other words, it places your mind onto your hands and the heaviness of...

Standing and Moving Qigong

Practising Qigong (literally translated as energy or work done with skill ) is about loosening, relaxing and strengthening the body, restoring efficient body mechanics, and having a balance of Yin and Yang energies throughout the the body, and its energy system. Accomplishing this will also calm, strengthen, and unify your mind and spirit, and maintain an optimal amount of internal energy, as well as circulate it throughout the body for a variety of purposes.

Hospital Treatment and Qigong Healing

Some people have said Would we have cars and trains if we had followed the ancient Chinese science Would we have today's modernization Let me tell you that you cannot understand another state from the perspective of this environment. There should be a revolution in your mind. Without a TV set, people would have had one in their foreheads, and watched anything they wanted, and there also would have been supernormal capabilities. Without trains and cars, people would have been able to lift up from where they sit without using an elevator. It would be a different state of social development, which is not necessarily confined to this frame work. The UFO's of the outer space lives travel at an unbelievable speed and can expand and contract. They have taken a completely different way of development, which is another scientific approach.

Mind Must Be Upright ekiE

Some people are interested in seeing a fortune teller. Someone asked me Teacher, I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa now. I am also interested in Zhouyi (the Book of Changes)or such fortune-telling stuff. Can I still use them Let me put it this way. If you carry a considerable amount of energy, whatever you say will have an effect. If something is not that way, and you have made it by saying it is that way, you will probably have committed a wrong deed. An ordinary person is very weak. The messages he has is unstable, and he is likely to have some changes. If you opened your mouth and said something, that tribulation could exist. If he has a lot of karmic debts that he has to pay, and you keep telling him that he has good fortune, would it be all right if he is not able to pay back the debts Aren't you doing harm to this person Some people just can not give up this attachment as if they have some talents. Isn't this an attachment Even if you really know the truth, as a practitioner you...

Demonic Interference from ones Own Mind

Demonic interference from one's own mind also has other forms interference from dead relatives who cry to beg you to do this or that. All kinds of things could happen. Will your mind stay unaffected You are very fond of this child of yours, and love your parents. Your parents, who have passed away, told you to do something All those are the things that you should not do, otherwise they will ruin your cultivation. It is just so hard to be a practitioner. It is said that Buddhism has been in chaos. It has absorbed the Confucian doctrines, such as showing filial obedience to parents, love for children, etc., which are not Buddhist principles. What does it mean Since Yuanshen (the True Spirit) is a human being's real life, the mother who gave birth to your True Spirit is your real mother. In the course of the Sixfold Path of Transmigration, the number of your mothers who are human or non-human beings is countless. The number of your sons and daughters is also numerous throughout your...

Taking A Punch In The Stomach

Concentrate the mind on the fact I am going to get hit in the stomach . Keep affirming this fact over and over, at the same time asserting to yourself I am not going to get hurt, I cannot be hurt by a hit in the stomach. Your mind is very strong and when concentrated it can achieve fantastic power. If it believes firmly that you are first of all going to get hit in the stomach, it will prepare all the muscles of the body for the blow and will begin to concentrate the breath from the exercises you have been doing to control the breath. Next, when the mind tells your body I am not going to get hurt your body has no choice but to react as if it were not going to get hurt. Your muscles cannot think, your breath cannot think. They do not know if the person punching you can hurt you or not. Your mind must make that decision and you are conditioning your mind now by affirming to yourself the positive fact that you are not going to get hurt. Your mind will coordinate the muscles and the...

End of

(2) A relaxed athlete is able to perform better and less likely to be injured. When you are upset, your body over-reacts and your mind becomes confused so that you are not able to perform at your top level. If you will study this book with an open mind, begin to practice the techniques and appreciate the value of the techniques found in it. Your ability to concentrate will greatly improve, your skills will sharpen and your mind becomes stronger. You will have a much greater ability to withstand blows and hits that would injure most people, and you will improve your performance by the use of balance points, concentration and mind control.

The Voice Within

Each moment of your life presents an opportunity to improve your ability. Throughout each and every day, we have conversations with ourselves. The little voice inside your head never stops talking. You must use this voice to your advantage. Do not allow your conscious and subconscious mind to convince you of your inability to succeed. Rather, talk to yourself in a positive way. Tell yourself that you will be the best and do not allow anything to stop you. Many people who lack confidence are defeated by their minds before the competition ever begins. As you reach elite levels of competition, mental conditioning becomes a major factor in your likelihood for success. We all know how to get in shape. Your mind will allow you to achieve optimum levels of performance.


Visualization involves imagining in your mind that you are actually performing. Through visualization, you actually see yourself in competition. You must relax, close your eyes, and envision yourself on the field. Visualization is a positive tool for athletes. It allows you to perform and plan in your mind before the competition takes place. Envision yourself at the competition. Replay in your mind what you must do to succeed. Visualize yourself both during your event and afterwards while celebrating. See how happy you are to win and do not allow anyone to take this image from you. Replay these thoughts in your mind until the time comes to turn these visions to reality. Avoid visualizing negative occurrences. Such images will negatively influence performance. You must focus on the positive to succeed. Losers are negative, winners are positive. The more that you see yourself successful in your mind, the more likely you will succeed in actual competition. Mental rehearsal is one of the...

Overcome Failure

If you have failed in the past, analyze what you did wrong and what you can do in the future to prevent repeat occurrences. Convince your mind that you can accomplish anything you desire. You will often learn more from one loss than you will from all your victories together. You must use your experience as an opportunity to improve in the future. Perhaps you lost a competition due to fatigue. Use your knowledge to prevent a repeat occurrence. Determine your goals, believe in yourself, and accept nothing but the best.


At first when faced with an attacker, your thoughts may be chaotic as adrenaline surges and emotions run riot. This is where you simply have to make a decision to shut your mind down and concentrate. Training and practise, practise, practise will make this a normal reaction. Start taking control of your thoughts. Most people just let their thought life roll on without much direction or focusing. Take five or ten minutes at intervals dunng the day and control your thought process. Do this while training too and you will soon be improving your concentration and ability to focus in on something without being distracted.

Staying relaxed

As explained earlier in this chapter, the very first step in Zhan Zhuang is to train your body to relax. By systematically relaxing your body from top to toe you start the process not only of calming your mind but also of increasing the ability of your mind to focus on relaxation. In this way, although you are working, your mind is at rest. Even this can prove difficult to sustain for long, since your mind must continue to order your straining muscles to relax, and carry you through the initial stages of pain. Just thinking about relaxing can make you tense So, if you are having trouble in the early stages, here are some techniques that may help you. Try these while standing in the second position, Holding the Balloon (pp. 34-35). QUIETENING YOUR MIND 1. Thoughts, images, sounds, and your internal dialogue will still be coming and going. If anything, you will be even more aware of them. That awareness in itself is an essential development. Just use it to note what is going on in your...

Upper Body Madness

There are very few self-proclaimed gym rats who can perform 100 consecutive pushups. Why is this so The answer is simple. It takes much less time and willpower to bench press a bar for 8 repetitions. When you start working towards 100 pushups, your mind has much more time to consider changing exercises while your arms start swaying like a noodle in the wind.

Issue of Pursuit

When you really want to cultivate yourself, there will be quite an ordeal for you. What shall you do How much suffering will you have to undergo to transform it into a white substance It is a hard job. A person of good inborn qualities is usually more likely to have this problem. Some people keep seeking the powers to cure diseases. Seeing such a desire in your mind, the animal will come to possess your body, which is called spirit possession. Do you want to cure diseases It will give you a hand. But it will not help you for nothing. No loss, no gain. It is really a danger to you. How can you cultivate yourself when you have invited it to your body You have been completely ruined.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is both an expertly crafted instructional guide and a potentially life-enriching experience. Follow the master's teaching and insights to perform each purposeful technique. Feel your muscles grow firmer while your mind becomes more aware, yet at ease. In opening this book, you open yourself to the tremendous power of chi.

Cosmic Language

What is cosmic language One may suddenly mumble an inexplicable language, but he himself doesn't understand what he is talking about. A person who possesses the capability of telepathy can catch a general idea, but is unable to understand the exact meaning. Some people can even speak several such languages. Some take it as an ability or supernormal capability, and swell with pride. Actually, it is not a power or an ability, nor can it represent one's attainment level. What is it, then The fact is that your mind is dominated by a subtle being from another space. But you think it quite good. You are delighted to get it. You are pleased with yourself. The more you are pleased, the more firmly it will control you. As a true cultivator, how can you let it dominate you Besides, it comes from a very low dimension. Therefore, as true cultivators, we should never try to incur such trouble.

Mental Preparation

Training your mind is equally important as it is to train your physical self. How can you train your mind There are countless ways, and everyone must come up with a way that is good for them. Of major importance is letting go of your fear to lose. All the wrestlers lose, no matter how great they are. Once upon a time they lost, and sometimes

Cooling Down

This simple cool down process will reduce muscle tightness and soreness. I realize that you may feel exhausted after an intense workout. Your exhaustion often results in your mind telling you to forget about the cool down . As a Warrior, you need to suck it up and finish your cool down period. The few minutes that are required will save you many hours of soreness and fatigue.

Demonic Interference

The problem of demonic interference will surely arise when a person is cultivating to high levels. It's impossible that one has not committed wrongdoing in one's lifetime, just as one's ancestors must have in their lives this is called karma. Whether a person's inborn quality is good or not reflects how much karma this person carries with him or her. Even if he or she is a rather good person it is still impossible to be free of karma. You can't sense it because you don't practice cultivation. Demons won't care if your practice is only for healing and improving health. But they will bother you once you begin cultivating to high levels. They can disturb you using many different methods, the goal of which is to prevent you from cultivating to high levels and to make you fail in your practice. Demons manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Some manifest themselves as daily life happenings, while others take the form of phenomena from other dimensions. They command things to interfere...

Day Five

You should continue to practice your KI vigorously and religiously every day you can until you have developed the techniques so that you are able to let someone punch you either in the ribs, or the stomach without more than a split seconds notice, and until you can take several strikes in a row to different areas of your body. Your KI will get better every day, as your mind gets stronger and you breath and muscle control becomes sufficient so that you are absolutely assured of their immediate full cooperation when you practice your KI.

Going Beyond

Now is the time to broaden your development by exercising the powers of your mind, as well as the power of your body. In Chapter 2 you learned how to begin to calm your mind. The exercises in this chapter teach you how to focus your energy, so increasing your mental stamina. The more advanced exercises on pages 134 to 136 take you on to a new level of awareness -your quiescent mind starts to become sensitive to the flow of energy both inside your body and in the world around you.

The Workouts

Also, the number of set & reps will vary according to your individual ability as I have mentioned before. Understanding this factor, you must tailor the reps & sets to your needs and to your daily strength levels. If you feel strong, rest less and go heavier. If you feel tired that day you should focus on bodyweight exercises only and give your body a less intense workout or do some GPP work. Or, take advantage of active recovery or a complete day off. Every 6 weeks or so you need to take 3 or 4 days off completely to let your mind and body recover. This mini vacation also helps you progress faster. Remember, rest is a key portion of a solid strength training program.

The Forces Of Nature

When teaching his disciples, Grand Master Wang said that his art could not be understood only through scientific explanation. He stressed that it must be intuitively grasped through direct practice. What can be explained are the mechanics of strength the inexplicable lies within your mind, he said.


The ability to relax cannot be overemphasized and can be defined for our use to mean the ability to leave the game out of your body, but keep it in your mind. Too many coaches and players lose points, games and get ulcers because they cannot control their tempers or attitudes during the game situation. They have let their reactions be determined by the actions of other people, referees, or players. Therefore, they find themselves like puppets on a string, ranting and raving, or awkward and clumsy because they have destroyed the delicate relationship between the body and the mind. They have let their emotions take a disproportionate part in their actions and because of that they have lost their style, poise and grace. We have all seen far too many cases of this and know it's true. (For example the coach in the ball game who runs up and down the side lines, kicking the ground and the players and screaming and shouting at the referee, the player who can't make a shot because he is so...

Metal Power

As you train in this movement, imagine you are wielding a heavy axe into thick timber. The axe head sinks into the wood. You feet a corresponding shudder through your body as the momentum of your energy rebounds from the blow. Working with this image ' establishes the cutting power in your mind. The full expression of Metal goes deeper still. In your mind you, experience the immense weight of a single blow smashing completely through whatever stands in front of you - a huge block of timber, a steel post, a stone column, a mountain. As you train with these images in your mind, you unleash the power of an iron wrecking ball levelling an entire building.

Inner Balance

You can practise this by using a heavy bag. Stand in an on guard position with your body relaxed and your fists half closed, ready to leap into action without tensing up. If you become aware that your muscles are tightening, concentrate on loosening up. Focus your mind and body on the bag. in your mind's eye picture yourself doing a swift gliding step into the bag and striking out. Then glide in with a punch - close your fist and tense up only when it actually strikes the bag. sharply exhaling as you punch, and then immediately relax again. When your muscles are concentrated on the target and yet relaxed, your punches pack a great deal more power.

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