Advantages And Disadvantages Of Expedient Snowshoes

a. Advantages of Expedient Snowshoes.

(1) Mobility. (WSVX.02.12a) The purpose of expedient snowshoes is to give a means of over the snow mobility by providing floatation.

(2) Maintenance. Limited maintenance is required to keep them serviceable.

(3) Heavy Loads. Carrying and pulling heavy loads on gentle terrain is relatively easy.

(4) Confined Areas. Movement in confined areas and around equipment is relatively easy.

b. Disadvantages of Expedient Snowshoes.

(1) Materials. Constructing a pair of expedient snowshoes will consume a lot of material (i.e., it takes approximately 70 feet of 550 cord to build one shoe).

(2) Terrain. Movement over moderate to steep slopes is extremely difficult.

(3) Vegetation. Movement through thickly forested areas or terrain with branches protruding through the snow is difficult.

(4) Natural Material. The green staves used in construction will shrink during the drying process. This shrinkage will require all lashing to be retied.

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