Characteristics Of Expedient Snowshoes Wsvx0212b

a. Stability. Stability is the most important characteristic. Snowshoes must be able to undergo great strain and pressure. Careful consideration must be given to the selection of materials used in construction.

(1) Materials used can vary.

(a) Resilient green saplings.

(b) Aluminum aircraft skin and ribbed framing.

(e) Cargo strapping.

(f) Initiative and creativity are the key to success.

b. Provide Floatation. Without over-the-snow mobility movement becomes difficult and/or dangerous. Clothing will become wet and "post holing" will consume too much energy, which is vital in a survival situation. Increasing the surface area upon which your body rests will facilitate more efficient movement on the snow.

4. CONSTRUCTION OF EXPEDIENT SNOWSHOES. (WSVX.02.12c) These snowshoes will work if staves are thick and sufficient quantity of cordage is available. Use these general construction techniques as a guide.

a. Select three straight, resilient, green staves: 5 feet in length and 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Cut one of these staves into three sections, measuring 15 inches for each section.

b. Join the two 5 feet staves at the tips and tails using a shear lash. This is the snowshoe frame.

c. Attach the 15 inch sections to the frame: the first section 12-14 inches from the tip, the second section 4-6 inches below the first section, and the last section 15 inches below the second section. All sections are secured to the frame using a square lash. These sections are the crossbars.

d. Affix the latticework to the frame to form the webbing, working from the first crossbar towards the tip. Attach a second latticework from the second crossbar towards the tail.

Note: If cord or wire is limited, space out the latticework. Branches or bough can be interwoven to increase floatation.

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