Ice Skimmer

3. ICE FISHING. (WSVX.02.10e) Ice fishing is an excellent method to procure fish from a frozen lake or river. Extreme care must be taken to ensure the stability of the ice prior moving onto the ice.

a. Use an ice spud to chip a hole in the ice until water is reached. Ensure all components of the spud are securely fastened. The hole should be approximately 12-14 inches in diameter.

b. Use an ice skimmer to remove floating ice in the hole.

c. If employing a hand line, use two sticks to reel in line. This prevents hands and mittens from prolonged contact with ice, thus preventing possible frostbite.

Survival Fishing Line

4. FISHING SET LINES. (WSVX.02.10f) In a survival situation, fishing sets are means to catch fish while working on other tasks or weathering out a storm. Set lines are an effective method of fishing while conserving energy. Put them out over night with several baited hooks attached. Place them with the hooks either on the bottom or suspended off the bottom, until you have determined where the fish are feeding.

a. Tippet. Multiple holes can be made to increase chances of fish procurement. Place a tippet at each hole. A tippet is made from pine bough and placed in a small loose snow mound.

(1) Cut a green bough large enough so it cannot be pulled through the hole by a fish.

(2) All lines should be double hooked.

(3) Bottom hook should be about 12 inches off the bottom.

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