Immediate Actions

a. Assess immediate situation...THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

b. Take action to protect yourself from NBC hazards.

c. Seek concealment.

d. Assess medical condition; treat as necessary.

e. Sanitize uniform of potentially compromising information.

f. Sanitize area, hide equipment you are leaving.

g. Apply camouflage.

h. Move away from initial site using patrolling techniques.

I. Use terrain to advantage; cover, concealment, and communication advantage. j. Find a rally point with the following: -Cover and concealment.

-Safe distance from enemy positions and Lines of Communication (LOCs).

-Multiple avenues of concealed escape routes.

-Has locations for LPs and OPs.

-Protection from the elements.

-Near a reliable water and fuel source.

-Location for possible communication/signaling opportunities.

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