Items Contained Within Each Compontent Wsvx0202b

a. Fire Starting Equipment

(2) Magnifying glass.

(3) Flint and Steel.

(5) Potassium Permanganate, with container of sugar or anti-freeze.

(6) Prepackaged Tinder.

-Commercially Manufactured

-Cotton Balls and Petroleum Jelly b. Water Procurement Item.

(1) Water Disinfecting Chemicals.

-Iodine Tablets -Betadine Solution -Iodine Solution -Bleach

(2) Metal Container. (Serves for boiling water)

-Canteen Cup

-Survival Kit Container

-Any Suitable can that contained no petroleum products.

(3) Water Carrying Items.

-Canteen -Plastic Bag

-Plastic/Metal/Glass Container which contained no petroleum products.

c. Food Procurement Items.

-Various sized hooks -Various sized sinkers/weights -Metal leaders and swivels

-Small weighted jigs -Fishing line

-Think about the size of fish for that environment when selecting weights and sizes.


*Commercially Manufactured

*Aircraft Cable

*Tie Wire/ Comm Wire


*MRE Cheese Spread, Jelly, or Peanut Butter Package *Fishing Bait -550 Cord for Gill Net and Trap Construction -Engineer/Marking Tape -Sling shot rubber and pouch -Large treble hooks d. Signaling Items

-Mirror -Whistle

-Pyrotechnics (Smoke, Pen Flares) -Air Panels/ Brightly colored material

-Pyrotechnics (Pen Flares, Star Clusters) -Lights (Flashlight, Strobe, Chemlight) -Whistle -Buzz Saw e. Shelter Items

-Communication wire -Tie wire

(3) Sewing Kit with Needles for construction/repair of clothing.

-poncho -space blanket

(5) Candle. f. First Aid Items

-Steristrips -Adhesive Tape

-Non-stick pads, 4x4's, Gauze, Battle Dressings -Muslin Bandage -Butter flies w/ Super glue

(2) Ointments.



(3) Miscellaneous.

-Salt -Sugar -Eye Wash -Alcohol prep pads -Suture Kit -Scalpel -Vile of Yarrow g. Miscellaneous items.

(1) Fingernail clippers.

(3) Notebook with pen or pencil.

(4) Wood eye screws and nails.

(5) Surgical tubing.

Note: It is assumed that the Marine is always carrying a high quality fixed bladed knife, a multi-tool knife, and a sharpening stone.


1. Barry Davies BME, SAS Escape, Evasion, and Survival Manual, 1996.

3. John Wiseman, SAS Survival Guide, 1986.

WSVX.02.03 2/6/05

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