Methods Of Communication

a. Audio. Signaling by means of sound may be good, but it does have some disadvantages.

(1) It has limited range unless you use a device that will really project the sound.

(2) It may be hard to pinpoint ones location, due to echoes or wind.

(3) International Distress Signal. (WSVX.02.06aj The survivor will make six blasts in one minute, returned by three blasts in one minute by the rescuer.

b. Visual. Visual signal are generally better than audio signals. They will pin point your location and can been seen at a greater distances under good weather conditions.

(1) The visual international distress symbol is recognized by a series of three evenly spaced improvised signaling devices. (WSVX.02.06b)

3. IMPROVISED SIGNALING DEVICES. (WSVX.02.06c) Improvised signaling devices are generally static in nature. They must be placed in a position to be seen by rescuers. They are made from any resources available, whether natural or man-made.

a. Smoke Generator. The smoke generator is an excellent improvised visual signaling device. It gives the survivor the flexibility to signal in either day or night conditions. Build them as soon as time and situation permit, and protect them until needed.

(1) Construct your fire in a natural clearing or along the edge of streams (or make a clearing). Signal fires under dense foliage will not be seen from the air.

(2) Find two logs, 6 - 10 inches in diameter, and approximately five feet long. Place the two logs parallel to each other with a two foot spacing.

(3) Gather enough sticks, approximately two inches in diameter and two feet long to lie across the first two logs. This serves as a platform for the fire.

(4) Gather enough completely dry kindling to fill the entire frame.

(5) Place your tinder under the platform.

(6) Gather enough pine bough to lay on top of the pyramid fire. This serves to protect the fire and the tinder.

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