Natural Navigation

a. Find out where the prevailing winds originate.

b. Sun's path in Northern Hemisphere is SE-SW

1. Bend in trees because of prevailing winds.

2. Sapling Coloration: whiter on one side, darker green on the other. The sunny side (south side) will cause the tree to turn whitish which is a natural sunscreen. White will be on the SW to SE side of the tree. Pick one that is in the open, exposed to the elements all day.

3. Hottest side of a slope will enhance growth: thicker vegetation the SW side.

4. Snow melt on one prominent side of the tree: melt/freeze will indicate the south side.

5. Bleach Rock: the sun's rays has a bleaching effect, lighter side will be to the south. Obviously white rocks are just white rocks.

c. Look for more than one sign to confirm your direction. 7. SURVIVAL NAVIGATION TECHNIQUES

a. Navigator.

(1) Employ a navigation method.

(2) Find the cardinal direction.

(3) Pick a steering mark in the desired direction of travel.

b. Maintain a Log. The possibility may arise when you will not have a map of the area. A log will decrease the chance of walking in circles.

(1) Construction.

(a) Use any material available to you i.e., paper, clothing, MRE box, etc.

(b) Draw a field sketch annotating North, prominent terrain features and distance / direction traveled.

(c) Write down any important information seen such as; enemy movements or positions, game, vegetation, roads, trails, etc...

(2) Maintenance.

(a) Maintain and update field sketch as movement progresses.

(b) Ensure readability of your field sketch. (i.e.; don't clutter the sketch so much it can't be read.) Keep it simply so anyone would be able to understand it.

c. During Movement Constantly Refer To.

(2) Steering marks.

d. Actions If You Become Lost.

(1) Immediate action.

(a) Orient your sketch.

(2) Corrective action.

(a) Backtrack using steering marks until you have determined the location of your error.

(b) Re-orient your sketch.

(c) Select direction of travel and continue to march.

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