Nomenclature Of Expedient Snowshoes

a. Tip. The front portion of the snowshoe frame.

b. Tail. The rear portion of the snowshoe frame.

c. Crossbars. Three crossbars are lashed to the frame for reinforcement.

a. Webbing. Webbing is designed to provided floatation of the shoe and release snow when the shoe is lifted. It is generally made from some type of cord (i.e., 550, comm wire).

e. Window. This is the opening in the snowshoe, which allows the toe of the boot to pivot. Without the window, the boot will continue to force the tip into the snow during forward movement.

f. Frame. Made from resilient green saplings (i.e., willow, aspen).


g. Binding. The binding is used to attach the boot to the shoe. It is made from an 8 to 10 foot piece of cord.

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