Prepare a survival kit ICBT 2005 PVTX1415

■ Maintain the M16A2 service rifle. (PVTX.11.1)

■ Prepare individual equipment for tactical operations. (PVTX.14.1)

■ Camouflage self and individual equipment. (PVTX.14.7)

■ Transport casualties using manual carries and improvised stretchers. (PVTX.17.4)

■ Maintain physical fitness. (PVTX.20.1)

■ Perform individual movement. (PVTX.14.2)

■ Participate in a security patrol. (PVTX.13.1)

■ Challenge and pass / near and far recognition.

■ Actions on enemy contact

■ Reconnaissance of objectives.

■ 5 Point Contingency Plan. (GOTWA)

■ Actions taken on enemy contact (you and them)

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