Water Generator Wsvx0203f

a. General. Ice is a better source for obtaining water than snow because of higher water content. It takes approximately 3-4 cups of snow for each cup of water.

(1) Never let the generator completely run out of snow or ice.

(2) Once started the generator will supply more than enough water for 2 people.

b. Construction. Material will be determined by what you are carrying: parachute, plastic bag, T-shirt, or bark.

(1) If wood is available, gather three poles, approximately six feet long and three inches in diameter. Tie them together forming a tripod.

(2) Fill the material (T-shirt, parachute, or plastic bag) with snow and tie completely shut. Constantly bang it on the ground to compact the snow, making it dense. Add more snow and repeat the process until the material is completely full.

(3) Tie the material of snow to the tripod and place near the fire. Ensure the material is safe from being burnt from the fire.

(4) In about 1/2 hour, the generator will start to drip from one spot. Place any kind of container under this drip.

(5) Add snow as necessary.

(6) If wood is not readily available to construct a tripod, a variation can be constructed by securing a single pole to a tree. Tie the bag of snow to this single pole. Snow can be placed on bark. The bark can be placed near the fire at a slight angle and the melted water collected.


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