By the time you met Huang Jin Sheng your language skill was fluent wasnt it

Yes, I was reading and writing in Chinese by then, even having dreams and nightmares in Chinese (laughter). However, if you compared my language skill to someone who really stuck with the book studies for a long time, like Tim Cartmell, his Chinese is probably much better than mine. I stopped studying Chinese full time in 1984. I really just lived there. It was my home, it was where my family was, I had a full time job, so I didn't have as much time to study the language in a scholarly manner. I got very fluent in a very basic everyday way. But still I have to reach for the dictionary when trying to translate poetry or the Dao De Jing.

Kent Howard

Kent Howard demonstrating the "Monkey Offering Fruit" posture

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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