Sun Xi

Last month we had Sun Xi Kun on the cover performing his Single Palm Change. We received several calls from individuals who were disappointed that there was not anything inside the issue about Sun Xi Kun. Sun is one of those individuals who is not easy to gather a lot of information on, but we are working on it. Because Sun moved from Tianjin, to Nanjing, to Hong Kong, and then finally to Taiwan where he died, it is difficult to find much biographical information on him. I am currently talking with, or tracking down, individuals who knew him or studied with him in all of these various places. We plan to feature him and his Ba Gua, including information about his teacher, Cheng Yu Long, and some of his students, in a future issue.

There are many well known instructors of Ba Gua that we have yet to feature in the Journal, Liu De Kuan, Wu Meng Xia, Han Mu Xia, Ma Wei Qi, Shi Ji Dong, etc. For the most part we have not featured these instructors because it is hard to gather a lot of information on them. However, we are continually working on it and will eventually print articles on all of them. So if your lineage has not been properly represented yet, don't worry, we will get to it.

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