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Three weeks ago I did not know what a "home page" was, now I have one. Amazing. Everywhere I turn these days I am bombarded with talk of the Internet. I always swore that I would stay away from it because I sit in front of this computer way more than I'd like to already. I didn't need another reason to sit in this chair. I'd much rather be out practicing martial arts or picking my banjo. But it seems that the Internet is the wave of the future. And thanks to David Shapiro and the rest of the group at Limited Infinity, who have opened a World Wide Web site dedicated to Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Health and Healing, I didn't have to do much work

David Shapiro of Limited Infinity has this to say about his company: "Limited Infinity uses the modern technology of the Internet to preserve the ancient knowledge contained within the fields of healing and martial arts. Through the Internet's World Wide Web and Gopher systems, Limited Infinity offers free space for well written articles on any subject concerning healing or martial arts in both their traditional and modern forms. In addition, we have developed a low cost, high quality Internet sites for schools, companies, suppliers and individuals involved in the commercial aspects of these fields. Our goal is to provide the community with a resource for serious research into the philosophy and evolution of these traditions. In order to help practitioners and students pursue their interests, we are compiling a comprehensive source of information concerning schools, suppliers, relevant laws and case studies. Our future projects involve on-line conferences, live video links, and virtual seminars. Limited Infinity is located at "

For more information, phone: (212) 740-3472, e-mail: [email protected], mail: 250 Cabrini Blvd., Suite 18, New York, NY 10033

Those of you who have computers and like to ride the Internet, take a look at Limited Infinity's Web site and give our new set up a browse. Along with listing all of our catalog items and a Pa Kua Chang Journal back issue directory, I will be posting excerpts from upcoming books that we are working on and listing new catalog items as we get them in. The internet address is highview. I can receive e-mail at the following address [email protected].

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