Wang Shu Jin poses in the guard stance in his book Ba Gua Swimming Body Palm

in intention and energy." When you drop the shoulders and elbows while extending the palms, it stretches the back and the outside of the arms in a way that creates a heightened surface tension from the center of the spine to the tip of the little finger.

Guo (It - to bind or wrap): "Stay internally wrapped in intention and energy." The stretching of the back, twisting of the waist, plus the penetrating and twisting motion of extending the palms precipitates a relaxed compression of the abdominal area. This feeling is not brought about by any conscious contracting or filling of the area around the dan tian, but more as a natural outgrowth of proper practice of holding the postures while walking the circle. Both cheng and guo can be felt most obviously by a beginner while walking the circle in the Guard Stance.

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