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Step around to the east with your left heel and bend your knee. As soon as the weight returns to your left side, pivot on your right heel to adjust your back foot to a comfortable position. Meanwhile, your left hand rotates to point the lingers outwards. It should lx- lined up with the left side of the chest (see step 56 for front view). The crane's beak remains a continual focus of energy.

'J A Breathe Out Z-* \J With most of your weight now in your right side, raise your left heel and pivot on your toes, turning your waist anticlockwise as you do so. At the same time, straighten your right arm (without locking your elbow) to project your crane's beak out towards the southwest. your gaze following your right hand as it goes. These movements encourage flexibility and relaxation in the wrists and elbows.

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