Breathe Out

Step forward with your left foot and turn your waist towards the south, so that your centre is facing forward. This is the first of our 70/30 stances (seepage 14). so you will need to place your foot outwards good and wide. At the same time your left arm rises, the forearm horizontal, palm facing in towards the chest, while your right hand drops to the side. Finally, pivot inwards a little on your right heel, to release any tension in the back knee.

Grasp the Bird's Tail

Often (hiring the form certain movements are repealed, and here the repetitions occur ill a brief sequence all of their own. Using the analogy oftai chi as a piece of music, we can call Ibis sequence the Chorus '. It ocelli's four times in all. and the rest of this section is devoted to showing it in detail. Note that despite the name of this movement, the hands do not grasp'anything- keep them relaxed throughout.


Breathe In

Begin by turning your waist slightly to the left and then pick up another imaginary ball, this time with the leli hand on lop. Empty the weight from your right side and prepare to step by drawing in your right toes a little towards your left heel. Ii is worth noting that the image of the 'ball' here, as elsewhere, is just to get you started: these movements will soon feel natural on their own.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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