Learning the Form

bis part of the book concentrates on the physical side of things, the learning of the individual movements which, when added together, ultimately transform themselves into the elegant, /lowing sequence known as the short yang form. The form has a beginning and an end, and whenever it is performed the movements are always repeated in the same order. It is useful to compare this to a graceful slow-motion dance, or to a piece of music that always continues from its beginning to its inevitable conclusion with a constant and even tempo throughout.

Rhythm and tempo are, in fact, the keys to fluent tai chi technique. The rhythm is one we are all very familiar with: the rhythm of the breath. When we are very relaxed and calm our breathing becomes long and regularly spaced; conversely when we are excited or angry our breathing becomes rapid and irregular. In tai chi we cultivate regular breathing coupled with slow, carefully measured movements so that, in time, we become more internally balanced and harmonized with the natural world.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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