Narrow Stances

A narrow stance means that most of your iveigbl < 9Clb) is in your rear leg, with either the toes of the front foot (a narrow toe stance) or the heel of the front foot (a narrow heel stance) in light contact with the ground ahead of you. In both cases the front foot is roughly in line with the edge of the hack heel.


70/30' refers to the ratio of weight between the feet, with roughly 70% in one lei* and 30% in the other. Ihe greater /¡art of your weight can be either forward in the front leg or hack in ihe rear leg. Ihe term wide ' means the width across your shoulders from ti/> to tip. In 70/30 stances, you always strife to keep this amount of space between your feet, regardless of any length between the front and the back fool (therefore, when seen from the fron! the J'eet should always hi• shoulder-width apart). It is rather like standing on railway lines - admittedly a rather narrow-gauge railway, hut the principle is the same.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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