Never Tightly Lock The Elbows Or Knees

This rule also goes for all the joints in the body. A useful analogy here is to think of water in a hose-pipe. When the pipe has a twist in it. or a light bend, the water ceases to flow smoothly, or may stop altogether, the same applies to the chi in the body. So. try to maintain a relaxed and flexible look to the limbs, without tension. 'Ibis, again, enables the blood and other vital fluids of the body to flow easily and without obstruction. You will notice that a quality of openness and space can be seen in all the photographs featured in this book: Ibis is particularly important in tai chi.

referring back to this section occasionally, even when you feel you have 'learned' the form thoroughly. In times of doubt, or whenever you suspect your tai chi is not flowing smoothly, check you are not doing something fundamentally wrong to upset your equilibrium.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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