Crescent Kick Spear Hands

AS soon as your palms reach the East, and your right leg has loaded (because of the action of the body) allow your waist to fa-jing your right instep outward and up to perform a right crescent kick to the East as you inhale. Photo No. 367. This is a fa-jing movement.

As you place your left foot to the East in a bow stance, load your palms ready for the next fa-jing movement. The left palm's fingers are pointing to the East while the right palm is held in a Taijiquan fist to the rear, loaded ready to strike out to the rear. Photo No. 368. As you place your weight onto your left leg, exhale as you fa-jing, poking your left fingers violently to the East as your right fist strikes to the rear. Photo No. 369.

Tai Chi Self Defense

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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