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Raise your right heel as you do this and turn your waist to your right by 45 degrees. Your eyes will look to the East although your head is only to the NE. Change the state of each palm again so that the right is now Yang while the left is Yin and pick up your right foot replacing it on its heel where it was as you turn more to your right. Photo No. 10. This is still an inhalation. Exhale as you roll your weight onto your right foot by 70% and bring your right palm up to in front of your left palm as if holding a small ball. The last thing is that you should allow your left toes to be dragged around by 45% to point to the NE. Keep the foot flat on the ground when this happens swivelling on the heel. Photo No. 11. Exhale. This is a very deadly neck strike with a shoulder set-up dim-mak strike to SP 19 (Spleen Point No 19), with the main thrust into the Dim-Mak point called ST 9 (stomach point No. 9). This causes instant knock-out from the action of the Carotid sinus upon the heart via the inhibitory centre in the brain which slows the heart or stops it when extreme high blood pressure is present! This strike emulates extreme high blood pressure and is very dangerous!

Roll both palms over so that your left is palm up and the right is palm down. This is a very deadly strike to the side of the neck. Turn your waist so that the palms are over your right knee. The palms also begin to drop down. Begin to inhale. Photo No. 12. Continue the turning of your waist to your left this time which causes your dropping palms to look as if they have pulled over to your left. This is an illusion as all you have really done with your palms is to drop them vertically! The body does the work! Your left palm is over your left knee while your right elbow is over your right knee. You have moved your weight onto your left leg by 70%. Photo No. 13. Your eyes are still looking to the front but your head is to the NE.

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